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Buch: Memories of Evil - Recalling a World War II Childhood by Peter Kubicek

Buchkritik: Memories of Evil - Recalling a World War II Childhood by Peter Kubicek

Kategorien: Buch, Book, Memoir, World War II, Slovakia, Nazi Concentration Camps, Slave Labor, Sachsenhausen Hunger March, Holocaust

von: Peter Kubicek
Verlag: BookBaby

 Peter Kubicek about his book

My book was published in November, 2012, and is an expanded version of my earlier memoir of 2006, entitled "1000:1 ODDS."

A memoir of this type is emotionally very difficult to write. You are forced to dredge up, fragment, by fragment, painful, long-buried memories which you had previously hoped to forget. While all this caused me untold sleepless nights, ultimately the writing process proved to be a real catharsis.

Apart from personal considerations, I was also motivated by the fact that we Holocaust survivors are a dying breed: within a couple of decades we will be extinct. It is of utmost importance to me that the testimony we leave behind be authentic, truthful and historically accurate. I have been a careful student of the Holocaust for a great many years. The amount of misinformation I have come across is simply staggering. The errors I keep finding range from minor to major, to ignorant, and to malicious. I have come across fake memoirs, fake films, and private viewpoints masquerading as fact. With the information explosion on the internet, misinformation thrives and spreads and does untold damage to the cause of the truth about the Holocaust.

My memoir is but a small tessera in the complex mosaic of the inexpressible evil we call the Holocaust.

The book can be viewed on and obtained from, where you will find a page with more information about it and about me, as well as several reviews.




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