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Violin: Cecilio CVN-200 Rosewood Full Size 4/4 Violin

Violin Reviews: Cecilio CVN-200 Rosewood Full Size 4/4 Violin

categories: Musical Instruments, Band & Orchestra, Violins, Acoustic Violins, beginner violin

Manufacturer: Cecilio Musical Instruments
Brand: Cecilio

 Decent First Instrument

I bought one of these as my first Violin about 4 months ago and I can tell you that I am pleased with it. My daughter's Violin cost 6 times as much and I can't tell the difference in sound, and I am a 30 year veteran of music who can not only hear dog whistles but I can occasionally tell the difference in their tones.

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 Music is Magnificent

Someone stated that he has a difficult time tuning the violin, and that the tail piece connector at the bridge/tail end bottom of the body of the 4/4 violin breaks. Realize that the 4 strings on the violin place sizable tension on all components of a violin, and stress and de-tune the instrument's pitch settings in short-medium term. The tailpiece line that loops through the plastic tailpiece which holds the strings in place can be held in place with replacement electric wire, generally aluminum. It must be stranded wire, leave the insulation on.

It must have the proper diameter so that it will fit through the holes in the violin tailpiece. Search the internet for violin components and diagrams -- familiarize yourself with construction -- Wikipedia has a good treatment. Digital photo and/or diagram the proper placement of all units before disassembling. Measure by ruler the exact distance tailpiece end is to base of violin. Write down all relevant measurements and information. Carefully measure the wire, leaving 3" - 4" extra on each end for a total of 6" - 8" extra relative to the necessary length. At pegbox by scroll: Diagram G (LL), D (UL), A (UR), E (LR) strings to tuning pegs placement. Loosen the strings at pegbox in order to remove tailpiece and obtain access to tailpiece cord holder.

Remove tailpiece and cord holder-tensioner. Loop stranded aluminum electric wire with insulation on it through the tailpiece holes. Set so that loose ends are even in length.
Measure before tying in a square knot to ensure exact measurement as per above. Tie in a square knot, and reasonably tight, but with sufficient slack in case adjustment must be made. Measurement length of t.piece to violin body base must be exact. Luthier craftsmanship and sound components are exacting and precise. It may take some frustrating trial and error. Should be within 1/16" tolerance. This is a time consuming process -- into the hours -- must be dedicated. Place wire already through tailpiece end around bolt.
Tighten strings, adjust strings over bridge placed at 'F' holes and tune in proper order: G, A, D, E. Hand resistance on opposite side of peg box when pushing peg in to prevent peg box from snapping off of neck.

Listen and make sure there is no buzz. Dampen accordingly, or, try getting measurement more precise. I had the same breakage trouble with the kevlar plastic original tailpiece holding cord. I used the above procedure, and it has worked nicely for me. Violins are like fragile china. Beautiful, magnificent instrument, as all musical instruments are, but very similar to maintaining an automobile. Do not be concerned about tuning deterioration. String type is relatively irrelevant with respect to tuning parameters and losing tune. Get the touch with respect to the tuning pegs, They are not machined as guitar tuning pegs are, but actually have a fine sound based upon the vibrationals of direct wood peg to wood peg box. Always place your left or right hand opposite to the hand you are pushing the tuning peg into the peg box with, otherwise you could snap the peg box right off the neck of the violin. Even bargain violins are not cheap -- they are all fine and magnificent instruments; due care and finesse must be taken!
Violins inherently lose tune -- lots of stressors.

Love music! Music is magnificent. Rosin up your bow -- put lots on for good grip...
Play away!

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