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Power Supply: Antec SP-350 12V 350W ATX Internal Power Supply

Power Supply Review: Antec SP-350 12V 350W ATX Internal Power Supply

categories: Electronics, Computers & Accessories, power supply

Manufacturer: Antec

 Failed after 18 Months

Installed brand new and after 18 months the computer simply failed to boot - no fans, no nothing. I noticed some reviews on the various forums which seem to indicate this PSU may be a dud and since I could not find my invoice easily I decided against trying for a warranty replacement. I eventually decided to replace it with a new PSU and pull the old SP-350 apart to see what the likely cause of failure was. The first thing I noticed was the extremely poor lead dressing and soldering on component leads and some surface mount devices as well. One component lead was so long it was bent over so that it touched an adjacent pcb track near the end of an smd resistor. I checked between tracks with a meter and it registered a short circuit however without the schematic I can't be certain that there is no low impedance inductor or other component connected directly between these two tracks. Nevertheless, even if there is normally a low impedance path between these tracks, it is still bad construction practice for leads on one track to be bent over onto adjacent tracks.

Without actually pulling any components off the pcb (it is a rather crowded board) visual inspection shows there are two electrolytic caps with bulging tops. These appear to be TEAPO 1,000uF, 10 V units (green sleeving) and they are mounted close together next to vertically mounted oxide resistor R50. One appears to be C17 but there is no designation for the other. I have only conducted an insitu ESR meter test on them and they both measure high (failed) but I won't know for sure until I remove them and test them off the board. My bet is that they are both cooked.

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