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Book: Warm Bodies - A Novel by Isaac Marion

Book Review: Warm Bodies - A Novel by Isaac Marion

categories: Book, Dystopia, Romance, Fantasy, Zombie Love, Zombies

A Surprising Twist On Zombies

Deanna Marie Kinney

by author Deanna Marie Kinney

This book was a surprising but fabulous read. It was surprising for several reasons. For one, I thought the idea of a zombie falling in live with a human, and an alive one, was ridiculous. For another, I expected a corny story with lots of gore. And lastly, I thought, there is no way this could have a happy ending. I was wrong on all accounts.

This story is told from the perspective of the lead zombie known only as R. He cannot remember his full name. He also cannot speak but only a few syllables and is very frustrated at 'what' he is and 'why' he is. Something starts to change in him the day he saves a beautiful girl from himself and his hungry friends. He takes her back to his home, an airplane at the airport, and hides her there. It's there that the girl, Julie, slowly begins to trust R. A slow friendship begins, and R feels himself changing inside somehow. He plays her music and tries to talk to her and make her understand him. He has to protect her again when he decides to let her go, taking her back to her people looking for her. This action sets off a chain of events that lead you on a roller coaster ride you will not be able to put down.

Marion's ability to draw you in and make you fall in love with this endearing zombie is truly amazing. It was a quick read but that was okay because you can't wait to find out how this story will end.

Although there is some brain eating and body parts falling off, this is by far different than any other zombie book you will ever read. That is why I recommend this book highly. You will not be disappointed.

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