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Book: Tamberlin's Account by Jaime Munt

Book Reviews: Tamberlin's Account by Jaime Munt

categories: Book, Dystopian, Adventure Journal, Christian Horror, Survival Diary, Female Hero, Supernatural Horror, Living Dead, Psychological Suspense, Walking Dead, Travel Journal, Zombie Apocalypse


Jaime Munt

Author Jaime Muntabout this book: Tamberlin Miner hates her job, is alienated from a family that hates her, her best friends live far away and nothing about her life is going right. Sometimes when she can't stand to face the day she wishes she wouldn't have to. She likes horror novels, dystopian books, survival video games. She, like many people, has fantasized about the zombie apocalypse, but when she doesn't think her life could be any worse, she wishes for it the way people dream about winning the lottery because it would take the apocalypse for her life to change.

She was right.

Months after the dead stopped staying dead she sees the only other person she knows of killed. Afraid to suffer the same fate--that of dying and no one knowing or caring who she was--Tamberlin decides to keep a journal of who she was, is and will become as she flees certain death of a hard Wisconsin winter for the uncertain somewhere else.

This journal style novel takes readers on an intimate journey into the life of one survivor of a zombie apocalypse. Readers seeking blood,gore and the living dead won't be dissappointed, but the heart of this novel is the psychological toll of life during the end of days.

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 Christian Horror?

Did anyone else feel like the big struggle was really between Tamberlin and faith/God/her soul? There's a lot of gore and violence, a LOT of foul language, but I think this could almost be categorized as christian horror and I can't believe I don't care. Was really a lot about what goes on if your head.

 Symbolism Heavy

PROS: Like the character, I too love the Road by Cormac McCarthy. There is a complicated simplicity to both novels. I think Tamberlin's Account takes the situation a lot more seriously/sensitively than a lot of other self-published zombie books. A nice change.

CONS: references to some bands/songs I didn't know lost the mood of some moments. A few typos that I noticed were corrected in the newest kindle version that I got for .99 with the print version. [by Emily S.]

 Different Than The Others

I've read a lot of zombie apocalypse books and Tamberlin's Account definately stands out because of the psychological journey you go on with her. It's a complex and disturbing unravelling of a woman's past and, perhaps, a woman's mind. It doesn't throw you headfirst into an over dramatic zombie horror nightmare, the author takes baby steps with the reader until we're completely lost in the nightmare too and its just us and the heroine fending for ourselves. I really liked it. [by Zombie Addict]

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