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Book: Zion, the Holy City of God by Alvin Avery

Book: Zion, the Holy City of God by Alvin Avery

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Alvin Avery

Author Alvin Averyabout this book: I wrote Zion, the Holy City of God while on vacation on the Greek island of Cephalonia. Instead of going to the beach with the others, I stayed in my small, village room with a window overlooking a beige, marble porch and wrote. The contents of the book came to me almost as if it were "automatic writing."

I remember visualizing, as it were, the Bible passage I was supposed to read, quickly turning the pages to get there and then writing. I had no outline, plan or even the slightest idea of what the book would be about. This book, therefore, which can only be said to have been inspired from above, was born.

In many ways, I allowed myself to become an instrument of the divine. I allowed the information I received to flow through me and become transformed into words on paper.

Zion, the Holy City of God, reveals secrets about God's ultimate plan for the salvation of the human race. It is unusual in the sense that it expands upon the narrow, national or religious connotations of its namesake and becomes a world (one of the definitions of the biblical word "city").

In chapter after chapter, I build the case for how God's holy city, Zion, is traveling from beyond the Orion Vortex's infinity gate, moving steadily and speedily toward Planet Earth. I claim that this city is one and the same as: the New Jerusalem of Saint John's Revelation, the tabernacle of God, the city of God, the celestial city, the heavenly Jerusalem, and Jerusalem above.

"Can a city as big as Europe and taller than Mount Everest travel through vast regions of space and land on earth near the year 3000?" I ask in Chapter 10, Logistics. The answer is: "tremendously large objects are constantly moving through outer space."

The interweaving of scriptural references (close to one thousand, using twelve versions of the Bible) will enable you to discover: who lives in Zion City; what its inhabitants do; the city's defense capabilities; atmospheric conditions; and logistics. You will understand that peace and love permeate this world to a degree that is simply unknown to us.

Zion, the Holy City of God is my seminal work. It and its companion, Armageddon—the fate of the lofty nation and beyond, are the twin books I wrote before embarking on my angel books.

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