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Book: Connection (That's Life) (Volume 2) by Bryan M. Esparza

Book: Connection (That's Life) (Volume 2) by Bryan M. Esparza

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Bryan M. Esparza

Author Bryan M. Esparzaabout this book: Everyone loves a good read, even me. Personally I enjoy books with a sense of reality and use them as a way to compare and look back on events of my own life. CONNECTION by Bryan Esparza does just that. Sequel to it's predecessor ATTITUDE, you shall follow the story of a young adult named Jason Espinoza who after enjoying his years of high school finds himself discovering his calling in life. . . he wants to learn to publish. Yes at the young age of 18 he knows little to nothing about the process but with a little help from his peers finds himself learning the ways of the road with much research, time, phone calls, and of course, patience. What Jason comes to learn in this process is that anyone can write a book, but to get up and actually release it to the world? Not just anyone get's up off their ass and does it. . . but he did. It wasn't easy either. Along the way Jason also finds himself in the middle of his first intimate relationship that sends his life and feelings in a whole new direction.

In my Junior year of high school I sat down with a friend of mine who was very irate over a book project he had been assigned. He slammed the book in front of me and said. "This is the biggest piece of lying trash I have ever read!" The book in front of me was none other than "Go Ask Alice". From what I tried to read I quickly realized why my friend was irate. A story about a teenage girl, trying LSD for the first time, and going off to try other things including tranquilizers, getting robbed, locked in asylums, weird stuff like that. It was completely inaccurate, over the top, and unrealistic. And yet the author had the nerve to go off and label it "non-fiction". Upon further research I found that at the time of it's publication, the author was in her mid fifties. You see in your fifties I'd like to imagine that you'd be settled down, balanced life, wife and kids ect. To write about a teenager going through these things is ridiculous. Yes you can look back and remember all the memories as a teen but to write about it with the mindset of a parent, older person ect. can't work because "You didn't know what you were thinking. That's when it hit me. I was sixteen when my friend presented that book to me and I had been through my fare share of drug, alcohol, and other social activities. I can write about these things and with accuracy as well because I still have the mind set of someone in high school. In short, who is in a better position to write about high school? A fifty year old? Or a high school student themselves.

Anyone is open to read my novel. However, the style and lingo is meant to be understood by young adults and teens alike. Parents have also found interest in my book for it's raw and uncensored style of writing. Nothing over the top, straight forward, and it can give parents a raw insightful perspective on teenage high school life.

As a message to my readers and those who just see this as just another indie author:

"For those on the fence of buying/reading my work, I ask that you keep an open mind to it. It's raw, uncensored, and non- cliche as past readers have told me. My point here is I chose to write about a teenager, mainly because I'm one myself. Who is in a better position to write about their teen years? A teen like myself? Or some middle aged housewife? I have the same mind set, style, and decision making as a teen who although isn't the best with grammar as one may come to find out, am hopeful that my readers can fully grasp my themes and messages. If not and you choose to write/give a bad review, I will accept your opinion good or bad. Everyone's a critic, I just ask that you give me a chance."- Bryan Esparza 2014

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