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Book: Fyra - Welcome To The Mutiny by Sunny Nicolette

Book: Fyra - Welcome To The Mutiny by Sunny Nicolette

categories: Book, Fantasy Romance, Time Travel, Swords, Young Adult Romance, Action and Adventure, Young Adult Fantasy


Sunny Nicolette

about this book: Darkness is hidden deep within us all. Sometimes—it calls to us. We can choose to ignore it…or we can choose to harness the unrelenting spell that weaves a magic within our soul. The main character of this book struggles with the uncompromising whispering of his inner demons. When he crashes his pickup in a drunken-rage, his body lays on the brink of death— but his soul lives on in another place and another time. There, the darkness awakens.

Consciousness can be a tricky concept. It is a tangible gift in which one can grasp and hold on to? Or is it a so finely divided no grains or grit of its origins can be felt? 19-year-old Reed Stryker soon learns that one's perception is a complex array of traveling souls, fate, and destined love as his soul travels to a world full of war, power, and destruction. He learns his only hope…is himself.

Fyra is beneficial to readers because it's not only entertaining, (full of creative twist) it implies morals and values. Fyra is…dropping to your knees in despair and defeat, only to have a faint spark of hope light in your favor. Fyra is being worth something, because you were overpaid with criticism. Fyra is a single tear rolling down a scarred cheek, because your love just took her last breath of life. It's destiny…it's love…it's determination…it's sentiments— Fyra is pure emotions. It is a story completely devised by my heart, laced with sensations and reactions every human on Earth feels…and it will provoke it out of the readers— that's why Fyra is beneficial. It's more than just a story, it's a response everyone can relate to and perceive. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry— it will make you feel.

This book is suitable for young adults, middle aged adults and the older generation. It is great for the young reader, yet advanced enough to grasp the attention of adults. It has something to offer everyone: Action, romance, fantasy, comedy and adventure. It was important to make it appropriate for the younger generation— to give a good message about determination and morals. The main character starts out rough, but if you choose to read it…you will witness his growth as a person, friend and love interest. The genre is best described as fantasy fiction with romance, action, adventure and time travel. However, it will appeal to many different genres as well.

It took me 2.5 years to write Fyra. I have also had it edited four times for grammar perfection. The first edit was sufficient, but I wanted at least 3 more editors to polish it, which has taken almost a year. I graduated college with a degree in communications. There, I studied creative writing extensively. For years I drug my feet. Life happened…until one day I decided the writing could wait no longer. I brainstormed for months, scribbling sloppy notes on random papers. I thought to myself, what would be the most compelling, dynamic and utterly emotional storyline? As a tale unfolded in my heart, flowed through my mind and out my fingertips…Fyra was born.

I wanted the title to be short and dynamic, one that has never been used and could be easily remembered. I researched many languages to find which one I liked for numerical use, which is important in the book. Fyra is Swedish for the number four.

My ideas for the cover were very selective. I wanted a brown eye, clearly displaying a blue birthmark in which the main character has. It was imperative not to use a full figure or face— I want my readers to create what they believed the characters to look like, and not based off a cover image. The beauty of reading is to become a part of the story and let your mind evolve the personalities how you see them. That aspect to writing is very important to me…my readers are not just people who finish one chapter and another— they play an active and important role to the storyline. They transform into the world in which they are reading.

The hardest part, and yet at times, the easiest part was portraying the emotions of each character. How does this person feel? What would that person say? How can I touch my readers in a way that leaves them breathless and yet, wanting more? How can I paint a picture in their mind with the beauty of words so when they close their eyes…they escape to a place otherwise unknown? How can I make them feel with their heart and not just with their mind? That approach to writing can be challenging, but it is also the most rewarding.

I did a ton of research for my book. Many late nights, many early mornings and many hours where I stared at the screen unrelentingly. I researched ancient weapons, war tactics, reincarnation, medical terminology, accents, time travel, body language, psychology, historical clothing, different cultures, locations, states, countries…the list is truly endless. Although much of my characters and plots are truly a work of fiction, some is grounded and inspired by fact to make it appear realistic. Medical, scientific and historical aspects were all heavily explored and studied by the most trustworthy sources. There is much fact and correct historical details in this book.

I gained so much knowledge while writing. More than anything, I learned about myself. I learned what I respect and value in life— and I incorporated that into this storyline. I learned that loyalty is more important than looks. Honesty more important than fear of heartache. Family is not always just blood. Love can be at first despised, but it's overpowering is evitable. I learned that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and that flaws are nothing more than perfection to someone who loves you. I learned we all have faults, we all struggle— but willingness and effort is the fighting force for inner triumph. Even the impossible, is indeed, possible. I learned that fate is more than just a collection of random decisions. Good always defeats bad, even if it loses battles. Light is pure brilliance, and in it there is not even a shadow. As long as there is the breath of life, there is hope. Life can be a fanciful twist of page turners and plots, but no matter how we try to freeze time— it keeps marching forward with or without us. Let us embrace it. Let us love it. Let us be empowered by every aspect and every detail of our own storyline, because no matter who the protagonist is and what conflicts arise…every story is beautiful in its own way. Most importantly, I learned that even after death— our actions live on.

To my readers— simply put: I wrote this for you. Everything I did, I did for you. To allow you to join a journey unlike any you have ever read. To allow you to feel the love that my character feels. To allow you to cry and laugh with him. To hate him and curse him at times, but all the while love him as you would a true, loyal friend. To feel his pain, to share in his gain. To scream for him to open his eyes and see what is right in front of him. To help him up as he falls. To clap as he lays aside so much with so little. To dare to believe in hope with him, even though life seems hopeless. To realize his worth, even though everyone and everything around screams, "worthless!" To help him realize that a scar is just a tattoo of an epic memory, and that flaws are sometimes the biggest assets. This is for you— he is for you.

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