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Book: The Night I Danced with Rommel - Unbroken Bonds - Hilde's Story by Elisabeth Marrion

Book Review: The Night I Danced with Rommel - Unbroken Bonds - Hilde's Story by Elisabeth Marrion

categories: Book, Courage, Survival, Friendship, History, Family Saga, Love, Drama, Romance, Second World War, WW2


Elisabeth Marrion

Author Elisabeth Marrionabout this book: My mother got up and went over to the large display cupboard, in the sitting room. The only cupboard, which had survived the war intact. I had asked her to show me the photo again. All of us knew her story. I liked it best when I was alone with her, she confided in me besides my young age. My brothers and sisters would only learn some of the facts later in Life and only if they actually do read my book.

My mother's story needs to be told. And I have to thank my best friend Moe, who encouraged me to write it. Time was pressing by then, Moe would not recover and we did not know how long she had. Thanks to Skype to giving us the link from England to Detroit. I saw her every day for at least an hour, we laughed and cried and we discussed each chapter.

I was blessed that she managed to hold the printed book in her hands before she passed on.

I dedicated the book 'To Moe'

I would like to just give a small excerpt from one of the reviews from This review means a lot to me.


Titled : I've waited a lifetime for this book

When I was a child my parents took me to the movies before I could walk. I knew who Hitler was, thanks to Pathe. And when the allies levelled Dresden, I cried. My parents thought I was confused as to where Dresden was and did not realize we were winning.

I asked my parents if German mothers loved their children. In the 69 years since I was 6 I have been waiting for a book that portrayed the plight of ordinary (not morally superior, not good, not bad, not even special) Germans faced with the destruction of their country, their belief system and their families. Elisabeth Marrion has done that for me, without tenderness, honesty and pathos. Her protagonist Hilde shines. This is not a book about Rommel, nor is it a book about Hitler. It is a beautifully written, artfully edited story of a woman with the courage to trade one act of kindness for another, who was not seduced by propaganda, and who, like Germany, somehow endured. If you are looking for an entertaining book with purpose, this is it.


A German edition of this book ("Mein Tanz mit Rommel") is available on

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Civilian life during war

Mary Ann Bernal

by author Mary Ann Bernal

The Night I Danced With Rommel is a story based on fact, which gives the reader insight about survival in the throes of warfare. The author sheds light on the emotional turmoil experienced by innocent civilians who must overcome new challenges in a war-torn country. A very interesting behind-the-scenes story depicting emotions and a point of view not necessary expressed in the history books. I look forward to reading more from this author.

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Video: The Night I Danced with Rommel - Unbroken Bonds - Hilde's Story by Elisabeth Marrion

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