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Book: Surf the Waves - 101 Tips to Become the Best Working Mommy (Czarina Book 2) by Nehal. VRK

Book: Surf the Waves - 101 Tips to Become the Best Working Mommy (Czarina Book 2) by Nehal. VRK

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Nehal. VRK

Author Nehal. VRKabout this book: "Surf the Waves" - 101 Tips to Become a Best Mommy.

We are living in an era where we have a whole tribe of working mommies out there who constantly battle a pull to strike a balance between their kids and profession. These mommies ruffle their professions along with the grocery, cooking, parenting, paying the bills, supporting their spouses, tutoring the kids, planning the tours, and attending the relatives! And the output is a frustration, embarrassment, and a feeling of losing the battle.

'Surf the Waves- 101 Tips to Become the Best Working Mommy' - the book is the answer to this struggle. It is representing 101 tips under a beautifully created theme for the book. The theme of this book is –

"W A V E S"

- W for 'Water,'
- A is 'Air,'
- V stands for 'Vulcan' [fire],
- E is 'Earth' element, while
- S is for the 'Space.'

I believe the mommies embody all these elements. And it makes her a Super-Mom! The book illuminates all the qualities of mommies under the sections named Water, Air, Vulcan [Fire]. Earth & Space. And explains how women can be compared with these divine elements! This makes the read interesting & enjoyable.
'Surf the Waves' has compiled the tips interviewing the members of the tribe. I wrote this book when I had the opportunity to listen to the young mommies' conversation in a school function. At that moment, I concluded that working mommies of this time need to have a handbook that can be used in solving the psychological and situational problems of everyday life. "Surf the Waves" represents the practical tips that mommies can follow. The book is a fascinating and gripping read, and I bet you will read this book at least twice.

The 21st Century moms really need unique tips, specially fabricated for them. And 'Surf the Waves' does precisely the same. By referring to this book, you will achieve practical tips on:

Ø How to balance Career, Kids, & Personal Life.
Ø How to satisfy the Mom as well as that 'Girl' inside you who loves music, colors & odors!
Ø How to escape from Self-Shaming.
Ø How to be the Best Mom of Your Kid.
Ø How to intake Vitamin 'I.'
Ø How to receive Spouse-Aid smoothly.
Ø How to make use of the Hurricane & Fire inside you.
Ø How to learn that Mind Game to cover all these domains.
Ø Know the Five Unique Qualities every Working Woman should embody.
Ø Learn the W+A+V+E+S. You have it inside.

The tips & tricks in the book will enlighten mommies' path towards becoming a great mom to their lovely child.

"You have the WAVES inside you; you just need to learn Surfing!!" - Nehal. VRK.

"The Book' Surf the WAVES' equip the women with mandatory weapons and advice - it's a wondrous solution for this working woman tribe of 21st Century!"

–Laxmi Singh,
Editor "Glamourous You" magazine.

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