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Book: In The Victim's Shadow by Victoria Schwimley

Book: In The Victim's Shadow by Victoria Schwimley

categories: Book, Murder, Love, Revenge, Contemporary Fiction, Forgiveness, Women's Fiction


Victoria Schwimley

Author Victoria Schwimleyabout this book: When I originally started writing this story, I intended it to be a lighthearted romance. Katherine was supposed to desire a baby and seek out suitable candidates to fulfill the job as father. John was her best friend and after many failed attempts at finding the right man, she would ask him to do it for her. The romance between them would blossom and they'd realize how madly in love they were. The title for this book was The Clock's Ticking. Katherine needed a back story, though…something that would prevent her from trusting men. I thought of the convenience story murder (I know done time and again), but I wanted something different to the old convenience store murder. I asked myself, what if that robbery was unintentional. What if the man pulled the trigger on accident? How would that affect his life? What if a child witnessed it?

The Clock's Ticking died and gave birth to In The Victim's Shadow. It is a story about murder, love, revenge and forgiveness.

I did not require much research as the theme of this story is based mostly on what emotions I thought the victims would have. I'm well acquainted with San Francisco so writing the scene was easy. The hardest part of writing this novel was Beth's side story. Familiarity with drugs and its surroundings is not something I embrace, due to the strong addiction of a family member, but I faced the topic for the good of the story. My target audience for this book is women. I feel the story lines in the book appeal to them. I hope to say to my readers that not every bad situation is as it appears and that sometimes bad things happen to good people. I'm hopeful they will take away a sense of compassion for the underdog and know that it's okay to forgive. It took me four years and many re-writes to finally feel I had the story right.

I searched many artists' websites for just the right cover for my book. I insist of covers that depict the theme of my story. I had almost given up when I found it. My cover shows a beautiful, blonde, bejeweled woman, which fit the description of Katherine perfectly. Lurking in the shadow is a handsome young man with a contemptuous look on his face, perfect fit for Chad. I knew the moment I saw it that it was the one.

In The Victim's Shadow

Spencer Simon is a man who is down on luck. He can't find a job or a place to live, and he's desperate. He enters a convenience store to ask for a job, but he is rejected. Before leaving the store, he pours himself a cup of coffee. When he reaches into his pocket, intending to pay for the coffee, he instead, pulls out a gun that he had been holding for someone else. He stares at the gun, not saying a word, not knowing what to do. The clerk empties the register and shoves the money at him. Shocked, he turns to flee the store.

Amber and Katherine Winters is a mother/daughter modeling team. They are on their way home from a job but decide to detour to the market to celebrate with some ice cream. When they enter the store, a man is fleeing, and he has a gun in his hand. The gun goes off and the beautiful model falls to the ground. Horrified, Spencer stares at the model and her daughter and then runs.

For twenty-seven years, Spencer lives with this guilt, and Katherine lives with the pain of losing her mother. There's a third victim, though. Spencer has a son. However, unable to let go of his guilt, he is less than a perfect father. Chad is tired of living in the shadow of a woman he's never met, and he wants to put an end to it. He develops a plan to take from Katherine everything she has stolen from him and that includes the man she loves.

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