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Book: The Turning of Copper Creek by Dave P. Fisher

Book: The Turning of Copper Creek by Dave P. Fisher

categories: Book, Old West, Nevada, Adventure, Young Adult, Suspense, Mystery, Action, Preston Yates, U.S. Marshal, Copper Creek, Western


Dave P. Fisher

Author Dave P. Fisherabout this book: Preston Yates carries a Russian .44

Looking up at the barkeep Preston noticed the man's smile drop as his attention was riveted on something coming up behind him. Checking the mirror he saw a man followed by two others coming up to his back. Still watching them in the mirror the men stopped behind him and looked at him in the mirror.

The man in front grinned, "New in town?"

Preston continued to watch the men through the mirror, "That seems to be a quite the sin around here. I'll be leaving when my business is done."

The man's eyes went down to the gun on Preston's right hip. "Pretty nice looking gun you've got there."

"I like it."

Reaching for the butt of the revolver the man chuckled, "Well, why don't you just let me have a look at it?"

At the same moment the man's fingers touched the gun butt Preston spun to his right and caught the man in the nose with a solid left fist. It was the last thing the man expected, the shock and pain dropped him to his knees. The two men behind him started to move forward when the whisper of clearing leather and the deathly metallic click of the gun's hammer stopped them. The big bore of the revolver stared them in the eye.

"You want to see my gun too? It's a Russian .44, deadly accurate to a hundred yards, and I sure can't miss at five feet."

The men put their hands in the air and backed up. "Easy there mister, we don't mean you any harm. Just let us help our boss out here."

"Get him and get out."

With his senses returning and the sting going out of his nose the man slapped away the helping hands of his men as he staggered to his feet. Wiping the streams of water out of his eyes he cursed and stepped forward. Touching his fingers to the bottom of his nose he looked at the blood on them and turned his hate filled eyes on Preston. "I'll kill you for that."

Preston shrugged, the Russian still in his right hand, "When? Anyone stupid enough to try and take a gun from a man he doesn't know shouldn't be making threats. I might feel unsafe here and just have to shoot you."

The man nodded and turned to leave, "We'll see you again."

"I'll look forward to it."


The Council controlled Copper Creek with an iron fist, the judge, the lawmen, the newspaper, and hired guns. Built on gold and murder The Council's power was absolute or so they thought. When they started killing ranchers and miners around the town for their land and the gold they believed was under it they found out how absolute their power was. The day U.S. Marshal Preston Yates rode into Copper Creek the battle for control was touched off like a match dropped in a keg of black powder.

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