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Book: The Star Girls (The Star series Book 1) by Ken Coleman

Book: The Star Girls (The Star series Book 1) by Ken Coleman

categories: Book, Kidnapped Woman, Cowboys and Indians, Abduction, Outlaws and Gunmen, Cattle Ranch, Cheyenne Indians, Indian Massacre, Historical Western Adventure, Authentic Historicalsaga, Love Story, Mail Order Bride, Western Romance


Ken Coleman

about this book: Readers of western romance and western adventure will love this authentically historic story. The book is effectively two stories in one. The first part is set in 1866 and is about Rose, a young mail order bride who is captured and taken away from her new but older husband by a Cheyenne warrior and forced to travel with him over many miles of inhospitable terrain. During the journey, she makes several attempts to escape, but each time she is recaptured and finally, suffers the indignity of being placed on a leash to prevent her from straying far from her captor.

At first, Rose fears for her life, but as the journey progresses, she begins to see the Indian in a new light. Far from being a cruel and uncivilised savage as she had been led to believe of all Indians, he turns out to be a caring man who attends to her needs in a very gentle and compassionate way. Furthermore, contrary to the ferocity and grimness she had associated with Indians, he proves to have a boyish sense of humour and she becomes the butt of his pranks on more than one occasion. She discovers his name is "Two Moons" and his constant teasing often results in the eruption of her volatile temper which only causes him to add to her chagrin by laughing at her each time she becomes angry. However, despite the language barrier and her determination to fear and hate him, they still find a way to communicate and she finds herself being attracted to the enigmatic and likable Indian, so much so that her growing fondness for him, begins to turn to love. On one occasion, she even proves to herself just how much she loves the warrior by risking her own life to save him from scalp hunters.

But Rose harbours a secret and is undecided whether or not to divulge to Two Moons, that she is already pregnant with her husband's baby. If she does, she fears her new love will shun her and banish her from the Cheyenne village she has come to call home.

Thirteen years later, Rose's daughter, "Namid" which in the Cheyenne language means "Star Dancer," finds herself undertaking her own perilous journey to find her half-sister, "Star" who she has been told by her mother, owns a ranch in Texas.

The book title came about because of the names of the sisters in the story, "Star" and "Star Dancer."

The book cover is explained in the first part of the story when Rose is stripped of her clothing and made to wash in the river before being given an Indian style dress and moccasins to wear.

Though the first part of the book is essentially a love story, there is much violence and humour dispersed throughout the whole book as well as enough tension and suspense to keep the reader intrigued and turning the pages in considerable anticipation.

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