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Book: Healing Your Life with Water - How to use your Mind Body & Water Connection to Awaken Your Inner Fountain of Youth by Diana E. Ruiz

Book: Healing Your Life with Water - How to use your Mind Body & Water Connection to Awaken Your Inner Fountain of Youth by Diana E. Ruiz

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Diana E. Ruiz

Author Diana E. Ruizabout this book: Many authors say that they birthed their book - I can honestly say that this book birthed me. I set out to share how I went from having a intense social phobia making it impossible for me to walk out to a parking lot in broad daylight to becoming an author/speaker/entertainer and happy human being. I'm like most people - I had emotional bumps and bruises from traumas and dramas in my life. Some inflicted upon me some inflicted on my self. After hitting rock bottom I discovered a technique that helped me overcome stress, phobias, panic attacks, PTSD, depression, addiction, fear of success and fear of failure (yeah, life did a number on me). It even helped with my trouble reading and dyslexia. Needless to say as a result I am way happier and fulfilling what I feel is my true purpose and decided everyone should get a chance to feel this good.

So I began to write as if what I had to say was important with the specific goal of helping others. In the course of writing a sort of "how to survive becoming grown up" book about my strength experience and hope I came across some information about the incredible affect that human emotions have on water (we are all made up of 70-90% water). After an experiment I conducted - you can see it on youtube titled: New Book "Healing Your Life With Water" Reveals Your Inner Fountain of Youth. I started connecting dots between emotions, thoughts, water, spirituality, manifesting and just plain old becoming a happy human and went on some hunches and ideas. I read and researched books and internet sites and what I discovered was a unique, new, old but simple idea ... world peace is possible and begins with cellular peace and emotions and water are at the core of it ALL. Every time a dot was connected while researching I would say to myself (and my muse) "NO WAY!!" The message was clear, simple and undeniable: feeling good IS a worldwide event. The thought inspired me and gave me hope and wanted to share this simple message: You are 70% water and there is a certain way to eat think and feel to become a healthy happy "body of water". The book is a guide showing you how to eat think and feel in order to boost your body's natural rejuvenation process. The happy bonus is that feeling good ripples out and affects not our families and communities, but the world at large because we are all made up of mostly water. Discover your Inner Fountain of youth AND change the world at the same time. It's a win win...Water you waiting for?


• Book Review in Seattle P.I. "Healing Your Life with Water is a life-changing book." — Tyler Tichelaar

• In this book, Diana provides a unique perspective on the role water plays in all areas of life: health, mind, and body. It's a must read for those interested in creating a better way of living."
— Patrick Snow, International bestselling author of Creating your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

• "The knowledge and tools provided in Healing Your Life with Water has helped the women in my organization handle their emotions easily and immediately. I recommend that you read and learn from this brilliant woman."
— Judy Hoff, pastor, counselor, founder of "Queen it's a New" Author of Healing the Hole in Your Heart

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