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Book: Paths of the Damned - Ashes of Middenheim (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay) by Games Workshop Staff

Book Review: Paths of the Damned - Ashes of Middenheim (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay) by Games Workshop Staff

categories: Books, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Gaming, warhammer

Author: Games Workshop Staff
Publisher: Black Industries (Games Workshop)
Brand: Sabertooth Games

 Most Stupid Adventure I've Seen

This adventure just doesn't work. First of all it suggests that characters in their first careers should go through this adventure, and it supplies 4 sample characters. Hmm, there is no way those four characters would survive! But you can always tone down the power level of a module, which we have done, but next there is the fact that no starting group, if role-playing would do this adventure! e.g. After the party gets their butts kicked, the church of Ulric asks the group to head of and save the city from the forces of Chaos. Well the groups response is - no way, quote "It seems the tales of our exploits have been greatly exaggerated". But they go off and do it anyway. Next (after loss of 2 fate points and 4 lucky charms), they ask the group to investigate 20 wells and stop them being poised. Which the obvious response was, "How the hell can 4 people investigate 20 wells!!!" STUPID.

So the party investigate ONE well and find some warp stone, then when coming back to the city there is widespread panic, because one of the other 19 wells has been poised (doh), then this STUPID adventure tries to elicit some compassion for the poor victims of the warpstone poison who have mutated, and are running from mobs, and the city watch. This is Warhammer people! there is zero tolerance for chaos, if you stand up to the watch (or a mob) you are likely to be burnt at the stake. What are you going to do? Start a colony of 'not so bad mutants?' amazingly stupid. It must be noted that this adventure is extremely linear, and experienced role-player’s are likely to break the plot when trying to reset - and play their characters.

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