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Book: Disquiet - The Justifiable Homicide of an Australian Vietnam Veteran by Paul Tapp

Book Reviews: Disquiet - The Justifiable Homicide of an Australian Vietnam Veteran by Paul Tapp

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Author: Paul Tapp
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 Disquiet Continuum

At a meeting of Whistleblowers in Tasmania, former Mercury investigative journalist, now author of noted WA police corruption books, including The Mickelberg Stitch, Avon Lovell, described Paul Tapp's book on the the police killing of Joe Gilewicz, as 'the most important book in Australia'. Tapp has completed a prequel, 'Build-up to a Disquiet' and is now working on finishing the trilogy on the subject, 'Disquiet Continuum'. "Disquiet, the Justifiable..." is now in the Australian National and Tasmanian libraries.

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 Will Those Who Know Step Forward?

Were they really there that night? Has this event paralyzed the integrity of the Tasmanian Government and those who know the truth? Is there a link between this book and a later fantasy tale by this author (Briar Earth) where a young mother fox seeks the fate of her missing mate: 'will those who know have the courage to step forward...? ' Who really knows the fate of Joe Gilewicz? A Commission of Inquiry set up because of this book, failed to get to the truth. It did find that two officers lied under oath. But they were not prosecuted. In 'Disquiet' the author suggests that good police officers were hoodwinked by their own fellows into believing it was Joe ranting in the house. But was it one of their own? Was Joe already dead? The coroner visited and left. He tells his wife it was too much for him. His wife tells the author. Was the Commission of Inquiry contrived as a white-wash? Do all the dots in this book connect to a justifiable homicide? Should those who know step forward?

 Truth is Viral

This book is the result of three hard years of research. It caused a Commission of Inquiry and is finding its way into law and public libraries min Australia and overseas. It chronicles from interviews, the survival of two families, Gilewicz and Hanuszewicz, of the Nazi concentration camps. Both families flee to Australia. Both sons become Vietnam veterans. One troubled son is shot and killed in a siege at his Tasmanian home. Another son, a cop, is also troubled the lack of evidence to support what he now calls a murder/elaborate cover-up. It is a self-published book available only on the internet. It is more than a compilation of formal police affidavits. High profile lawyer John Agius QC, publicly describes it as 'forensic journalism'. It deserves a place on the bookshelves of anybody who has lost a soldier in the fight for justice. In them it will cause a justifiable disquiet ...until one day the truth comes out.

 No Support for Bob Brown's Bid to Table 'Disquiet' in Federal Parliament

In 1999, Australian senator Bob Brown wanted this book tabled in the Australian Senate, and wanted a thorough inquiry into the details of the Joe Gilewicz killing by Tasmanian police in 1991. Brown cited details of Tapp's book which stated that Tasmanian police could only get legal access to the Vietnam Veteran's house via a Federal police officer on the night of the so-called siege. Joe had allegedly used a telephone to make threats to his wife, and so had technically broken a Commonwealth law. And so Brown attempted to get the Commonwealth to 'share' the outcome of the siege...a former national serviceman, called up to fight in Vietnam as an infantry soldier, eventually shot and killed in the name of law and order, leaving two infant children.

Brown's attempt to have the book tabled, failed. Nobody in the Senate put their hands up. Not even Tasmanian senators. A Commission of Inquiry was eventually held (CGI2000), but the Tasmanian Government was criticized by Dennis Mahoney QC for not allowing certain areas of investigation. This book is the fore-runner to a final book on the subject, where the author raises this and other anomalies in the interests of justice in a country which prides itself as maintaining a high standard of judicial integrity. Tapp's work as a journalist has been acknowledged in major awards and his work in investigative journalism in retirement continues.

 Forensic Journalism Keeps Tragedy Alive

John Agius QC, senior counsel assisting the 2000 Gilewicz commission of inquiry into this state-condoned death, described the manuscript of this book as 'forensic journalism'. As it makes its way into libraries for posterity, the burning question remains ...did the inquiry do its job? Was Joe Gilwicz' death really justified. Did a skilled Vietnam veteran really take on special operations police with an old misfiring single-barrel shotgun with motorcycle gloves?

This is a tragic tale of two families who survived the Nazi holocaust, fled to Australia ...and, as the author proffers, came face to face with something much worse. The author has preserved the scene with his 'forensic' compilation of official affidavits. "Disquiet, the Justifiable Homicide of an Australian Vietnam Veteran" is only available on the internet. But ask for it at your library, perhaps your law library, where it should be placed.

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Video: The author reads the introdution to his book - Disquiet, the Justifiable Homicide of an Australian Vietnam Veteran

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