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Book: A Complete Guide to Veganism by Ruby Cooper

Book: A Complete Guide to Veganism by Ruby Cooper

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Ruby Cooper

about this book: For those many readers who have benefited form Ruby Cooper's excellent Vegan cookbooks (there are six to date, all very worth your attention) this book will come as no surprise and at the same time will provide information for Vegan believers to intelligently share their embracing the Vegan diet. As she states, `I decided to assemble a book which would help a normal human like me to find out everything which is helpful in any way possible. The book contains optimum (no-scrap) details about how to follow veganism, what problems you will face while following it, and the easy way to tackle it.'

For starters Cooper defines, in a very understandable way just what Veganism is: The definition of Veganism is "The practice of refraining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, as well as following a connected belief that discards the service status of conscious animals." And the follower of this diet called Veganism is known as Vegan. There are different categories of Veganism among the followers of this diet. Strict vegetarians or vegans prohibit the use of animal products, not the meat only, but also eggs, dairy products and other animal related substances unlike ovo-lacto vegetarians ... On September 30, 1847, a group of 140 individuals gathered together in England to express their concerns and respect for their health, well being as well as for the animals by showing their denial of consuming the flesh or meat. This was the first known meeting of the Vegetarian Society. This group was known as the group who went on public in support of the meatless diet. The word "vegetarian" was first introduced in 1942 which was derived from the Latin word "vegetus", which means "fresh, whole, and lively." Her remaining comments on the history of Veganism are illuminating and from this you get the idea of how informative is the information she is about to share with us.

She divides her book into sections: Perspective on Vegan Diet - Is it safe and adequate? And does it support optimal health?, Hunger, Overconsumption, Micronutrient Deficiency, Limitations of research Lesson Learnt from Studies on Vegans Misconceptions about the Vegan Diet Details about Fatty Acid: Fatty Acids, Saturated Fat, Monounsaturated Fatty Acids, Polyunsaturated Fat, Essential Fatty Acids, Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Trans Fatty Acids Cholesterol Optimal Intake of Fat for Vegans, Optimal Fat in the Vegan Diet, Very Low-Fat Vegetarian Diets, Mediterranean-Style Diets, Dichotomy, Importance of vegan diet, Avoidance of Animal Products, Difference between Vegan and vegetarian Diet, Allowed Items: What Does Vegan Diet Comprise of?, Myths about Vegan diets, Source from the plants, Health Benefits of Vegan Diet, Healthy Weight Loss, Improved Digestion, Cleaner and beautiful Skin, Optimum Blood Sugar Levels, Food Ideas in Vegan Diet, Nutrient Sources from Plants - Protein Vitamin B12 Calcium Vitamin D Iron Omega-3 fatty acids, Tips to Maintain a Healthy Vegan Diet ,Vegan Diplomacy: Mastering the Fine Art of Diplomacy, Guidelines for the Diplomatically Challenged, Do Not Judge, Do Unto Others "I am Good, and You Are Bad", Be Assertive, Listen With Your Heart, Be Genuine, Empathize Celebration of Every Little Success, Lead by Example, Breaking to the Non-Vegans Respectfully. The details of each topic read almost like a novel rather than a self-help book, so fine is Ruby Cooper's writing. Finally there is a definitive book on Veganism - and here it is!

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