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Book: The Vegan Diet by Ruby Cooper

Book: The Vegan Diet by Ruby Cooper

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Ruby Cooper

about this book: Cooper explained how vegan diets evolved from the mid-1800s onward. The author gives plenty of examples of how to get good protein from nut butters, leafy greens and legumes. Good sources of B12 include non-dairy beverages, meat substitutes and high quality breakfast cereals like those sold in a health food store.

The section on calcium rich plants cites kale, broccoli and bok choy. B12 may be obtained from algae, as well as other sources although there are B12 sublingual products on the market.

There is an excellent section on the preparation of nutritious sandwiches for lunch and dinner. Examples are the Arugula Sandwich, Artichoke Sandwich and Zucchini Sandwich which is a favorite.

The soup groups make good choices too. Examples are Beef Soup w/Herbs, Lentil and Spinach Soup. Chia may be used as a good accent in a soup or cereal dish.

Overall, the author's book will be very helpful for dieters who seek to find plant alternatives in their daily eating regimen.

Ruby Cooper once again combines instruction with cuisine creativity. In this very readable and user friendly book she has provided as fine an introduction to the Vegan concept for the lay public as any writer out there. The history, the nutritional elements, the reasons for electing to embrace the Vegan way of life, the facts about the various fatty acids (myths and realities), food ideas in vegan diet, nutrient sources from plants - protein, vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin D, iron. Omega-3 fatty acids - all of this and much more is present in a very comprehensible fashion.

And as if that weren't enough for one book, Ruby offers excellent recipes to match her philosophy: Vegetable Sandwich, Grilled Eggplant Sandwich, Roasted Tomatoes & Onion Sandwich; Salads - Citrus Beet Salad Quinoa, Lentil Salad, Apricot Couscous Salad, Mango Salad Avocado and Pecan Salad, Grilled Zucchini Rice Salad Roasted Tomato Salad Carrot and Asparagus Grilled Salad, Sweet Potato Salad, Zucchini and Mint Salad: Soups - Curried Apple Cold Soup, Kale & Potato Cold Soup, Raw Strawberry & Raspberry Cold Soup, Raw Watermelon and Lemon Cold Soup, Raw Zucchini & Pistachio Cold Soup; Curries - Mixed Vegetable Curry, Thai Vegan Curry, Spiced Potato Curry, Moroccan Stew, Mediterranean Vegan Vegetable Stew, Black Bean Tacos; Cakes - Vegan Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cake, Pecan Pumpkin Cake, Vegan Fruitcake; Muffins and Breads - Orange Walnut Muffins, Banana and Walnut Loaf, Lime and Coconut Loaf; Cookies and Bars - Almond Coconut Bars, Cashew Cookies, Olive Oil Ginger Cookies; Ice Creams -Tofu and Lime Ice Cream, Coconut and Almond Ice Cream, and Smoothies -Carrot Apple Smoothie, Blueberry Kale Smoothie, Cucumber Mint Smoothie, Beet and Berry Smoothie - and these are just a few of the delicious and nutritious Vegan recipes.

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