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Book: The Blood Wars-Crystal Secret (Only Human) by Maria Bradley

Book: The Blood Wars-Crystal Secret (Only Human) by Maria Bradley

categories: Book, Teen, Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, War, Peace, Love, Clone, Creatures, Myth, Sword, Vampires


Maria Bradley

Author Maria Bradleyabout this book: I was so exited and yet terrified about the reaction to this book as Its parent 'Only Human' did so well, and made it into the top 100 (app annie) in October last year (during a Kindle FREE promotion).

When people begin to like your work it is important not to change their opinion with a boring or badly written sequel. I knew that I would have to clear out the cobwebs in my brain and produce something fresh and new, but retain the familiarity with Aecia and the other main characters, so that she was still well rounded and believable. When I read other people's stories I grow very fond of the characters, and am upset when they are, and overjoyed when things go well for them. Katniss is a current favourite, along with Harry, Bilbo Baggins, and I'm still obsessed with Strider of Lord of the Rings (bet you thought I'd say Frodo).

I want Aecia, Garok, Rauul, Kasen, Bill, and, oh everyone in The Blood Wars-Crystal Secret to become as real as my own favourites, and in order to do that I had to step back in time to when I was a teenage girl, and all the complications and difficulties I encountered. I have the advantage of having a teenage daughter too, who, although she doesn't have to drink 3 pints of blood to be accepted at school, never-the-less, has her own problems now and then. It's amazing what you can find out when you peek into a teenager's world; it's spontaneous, impulsive and confusing, but trust me; it is never boring!

In this book I needed Aecia to mature even more than she did in the second half of Only Human. She is faced with situations that a grown woman would find challenging, and the whole journey becomes one of self-discovery, some of which she would rather not have discovered at all. A couple of new characters, one of which is the Crystal girl, will have a profound effect on her state of mind.

The Rebellion which began with Rauul and his brother, is beginning to gain real strength in The Blood Wars as more clones have been set free, and more literature distributed. Those in the Ordinatio (vampire palace) are not blind to this fact and their own urgency to capture the leaders has increased tenfold. As a result, the whole situation has become a cat and mouse scenario; each side constantly trying to outwit the other, and new threats, old enemies, and unexpected alliances emerge.

Amidst the turmoil, Aecia finds it near impossible to have a 'normal' relationship with her first love Garok, and a game of 'love tennis' occurs; sometimes they're 'in' love, and sometimes they're 'out'. Their perilous situation is the 'umpire' deciding if and when they can find time to be together, and what kind of mood they will be in when they do. I remember my first love with a rosy glow around my heart (although I'm darned if I can remember his name; just kidding Steven, or is it Keith?) and I wanted to capture the gentle, pure, and sometimes misguided feeling it provokes in the very young. It's a very special time in everyone's life, and poor Aecia and Garok are living it while at war, so who knows what may happen in the end?

All of this, and an all consuming, and unexpected change to do with the ever-loving, and handsomely challenged, one-eyed Bill, should keep you on your toes until the end of this book. If not, then I apologise, and I promise to do better next time! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and if you do buy the book be assured that every sale is like that advert on TV when the guy is giving up smoking, to me. You know; when a bunch of mexican singers and dancers pirouette on his work desk because he said no to a smoke; well, that's me when anyone buys a book! Ecstatic!!

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