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Book: Heretic - The Dark Instinct Series Book 2 by Miguel Conner

Book: Heretic - The Dark Instinct Series Book 2 by Miguel Conner

categories: Book, Dystopia, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Religious Fiction, Occult Fiction, Horror, Vampires

Miguel Conner

Author Miguel Connerabout this book: Heretic is the long-awaited sequel to the groundbreaking vampire saga, Stargazer (considered by many as not only one of the great science fiction epics, but the fountainhead of the modern vampire story).

Although set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, where the vampires have risen from the ashes of a nuclear wasteland as the new gods, both Stargazer and Heretic are about awakening to false realities. All of us are living in a wasteland of sorts, consumed and drained by the establishment. This is symbolized in The Dark Instinct Series as the vampires who have erected a grim utopia where even they are not safe, as a police-state naturally evolves from their own greed, paranoia, and hidden guilt. Humans have become cattle in holocaust farms, but the vampires are predators fighting for morsels and position in an abused planet, blinded by a mixture of false pride and false superiority. It is the awakening of a human and a vampire, the Shaman Medea and the rogue Byron, and their forbidden love, that sparks the fires of truth and revolution.

But those in power will not stand idly because business is always good when you're at the top. And in both novels at the top means godlike beings with immeasurable thirst and ambition. The cover of Heretic says the heights that Medea and Byron will have to rise to even stand a chance to redeem not only the world but Creation itself. After all, if one of your foes is imbued with the infinite power of a certain god in the flesh, you know your challenges almost insurmountable.

Yet isn't that what all of us are feeling right now? Good science fiction is universal, timeless, and yet urgent. In the spirit of Philip K. Dick and George Orwell, Heretic is a clarion call for all of us who are tired of living in fear and darkness, tired of being consumed by leaders behind marketing curtains, and just tired of being half-asleep in a world that cries for our participation.

Oscar Wilde once said, "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at stars." That is what a Stargazer is—a dreamer and a visionary—and those who dare to look at stars in these oppressive times end up heretics to society.

This novel is much more than just vampires and humans, but the choice we must all make of being truly alive or remaining forever undead.

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