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Book: Breath Taking by Jillian Lupfer

Book: Breath Taking by Jillian Lupfer

categories: Book, Romance, Werewolves, Supernatrual, Love, Fantasy, Young Adult, Series, Passion, Vampires


Jillian Lupfer

Author Jillian Lupferabout this book: Breath Taking was created because I liked the vampire human romance relationship in books, movies, and TV shows, but they still weren't what I wanted. So I wrote this book trying to incorporate everything I liked about that idea without the details I didn't like. When I gave this book life I included blood, violence, passion, and logic. I like things that make sense and this story made sense to me. The story follows a male vampire named Alec. He is handsome of course, but he isn't the normal vampire. The story follows him through his troubles and his adventures until he meets the vain and beautiful Natalie. This story is not just about the two of them meeting but the events that happen afterwards. The story ends without all the answers, but enough that you don't feel like there was something missing. I did this because I wanted people to be curious about the next book. There is kind of a second book already out that is called Eva's Moon. These books are not a series, you could even read Eva's Moon first, but they play off each other slightly. Each book gives you a little more information about this would I am creating. There is a third book already written, but may not get released if there is not enough excitement about these two.

Breath Taking is set in present day, outside Portland Oregon. This book mainly follows Alec and tells you about him, but it also gives you a little background about my vampires, werewolves, and a witch that I refer to as "Natures Guardian" I did a lot of research for this book. For the parts that didn't make sense to me about these monsters through history, I invented the reasons things work the way they do. I hate it when I read something and think "well why is it that way?" and the writer never explains it. So I try to not have any of that, but I don't overly explain either. I try to give you enough through each book without making you feel like you have to read more to understand. These books are more like if you enjoyed one you will like them all. No commitment. My only regret for these two stories is that I didn't have an editor. I had already paid too much for publishing the books and couldn't afford the editing package. I had people help me, but there was still a lot missed. However I already know that I am not a writer, I am a story teller. And if you just listen to the story you will find yourself tasting the blood, feeling the sun as it burns you, looking into the terrifying eyes of the one that wants to kill you, and watch miracles occur with complete amazement. Give it a chance, you could find it breathtaking.

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