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Book: Desire - The Key by Kenneth D. Maness

Book Review: Desire - The Key by Kenneth D. Maness

categories: Book, Origins, Conspiracy, Immortal, Fantasy, Undead, Volk, Koshka, Vampires, Exorcism, Demon, Hell, Vampire


Kenneth D. Maness

Author Kenneth D. Manessabout this book: Let's consider the topic of Vampires. What goes through the mind of a person, selected to become one of the undead? This, of course, immediately places the reader in the realm of fantasy. The Vampire is an imaginary creation, long-since detailed and thoroughly explored. Thus, such a work would be entered into as an entertaining excursion into the fantastic, possibly bordering on horror.

However, there are a few items that aren't fully explained. Are they real, or do they simply blend in to the point of invisibility? Aren't they simply a figment of our collective imagination? Is the concept not a dark tale, which when told enough, takes on its own sentience and against all reason, persists?

• Who will read this story?
My work in Desire: The Key is a twisted journey, often from the first person's perspective. While avoiding sexually explicit scenes, the act of taking blood is one of the oldest erotic metaphors, and coupled with violence, I consider this story to be targeted at an adult audience.

• What is that cover all about?
The cover art comes from a tool, used by a very limited number of Vampires, detailed in this book. The "Wheel" or "Circle" depicted on this cover is a unique work of art, as reflected in the book, providing both advantage and risk to those who choose to use it. The font for the title itself was specifically chosen due to the "D" and "S" with calligraphical designs similar to a fang or claw and a drop of blood. The timeless aspect of the font also corresponds with the ageless depiction of the Wheel, with its multi-languaged border.

• Why did I write this story in the first place?
This story has taken decades to develop, and was initially drafted as a short story. However, the tale continued to evolve and while it has obvious lessons to teach, the spiderweb-like ties between characters and events provide deeper reasons for my writing. Ultimately, it's a story which I had to finish!

• Specifically for the readers?
Book 2 is in work! As with The Key, the second book (The Lock), has an unsettling way of forcing its way out, often surprising me with unexpected turns.

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 Don't Judge a Book By its Title

So at first glance the title of this book gave me some preconceived notions of a Tween Romance Novel. Boy was I ever wrong! The story is rich and well fleshed out with surprising twists and unbelievable plot developments. The Characters are interesting and engaging, vampires and non-vampires alike. I would easily recommend this book to anyone. With the disturbingly new uprising of supernatural romance novels I am so glad this book shines a new light on an old subject (Gladly one that doesn't sparkle!). So pick up this book.

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