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Book: Conquered (Kivronian Vampire Series) by Sandy L. Rowland

Book: Conquered (Kivronian Vampire Series) by Sandy L. Rowland

categories: Book, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Adventure, Alien, Clean Read, Dark Paranormal, Some Graphic Violence, Vampire Romance

Sandy L. Rowland

Author Sandy L. Rowlandabout this book: I wrote CONQUERED in an effort to connect with my own soul. The fear of that connection and inner guidance moved me into the direction of Rafe, a powerful alien vampire, with a side he's desperate to hide from the world. His counter part is Pepper, a human longing to reunite with her father, yet fears romantic attachment.

We all have fears. We desire acceptance and love, yet the closeness required to fill our need risks uncovering our secrets. Can those we love accept who we truly are? Will we be enough? Do we deserve? These motifs are played out between Rafe and Pepper when need forces them into an eternal bond.

There's no escaping the relationship. Bound together, the thin veil they each strive to conceal themselves behind slowly falls away. Seeing themselves through the mirrored light and love in each other's eyes, they grow to accept who they are, and the connection they've dreamed of.

In CONQUERED, as in life, nothing of worth is easily won. It reminds me of a quote by the ancient philosopher, Ovid:

"Love and success follow the brave."

I believe that. The idea is reflected in CONQUERED and will be a theme in all of the Kivronian Vampire Series.

• Here is a short excerpt:

Running gave way to walking as she watched a squirrel, its cheeks bulging with forage. The fat rodent glared at her from the foot of a scruffy oak and chattered in anger before scampering up the trunk. The leaves had turned shades of copper, crimson, and brown in autumn's chill.

Foliage grew dense the further she walked, creating a heavy, multi-colored canopy. Unlike the pruned and planted European gardens adjacent to the mansion, this area remained natural. She preferred the wild, untamed growth. It stretched and sprouted, free of outward influence. Each tree, clump of sage, and shrub, unique and beautifully imperfect.

An uproar of magpies captured her attention. More than a dozen of the black and white scavengers moved over the ground near a wild currant bush, Its leaves partly summer green, partly a thrash of yellow gold. They squawked and pecked. What animal had died? Not a rabbit. Something larger lay beneath the undulating carpet of birds. Morbid curiosity propelled her feet. The cocky magpies screeched shrill warnings, but continued tearing at some unfortunate creature. No doubt a raccoon.

"Shoo! Get away." She yelled at the clamor and waved her arms, dispelling the raucous brood.

She blinked and blinked again. A few greedy foul lighted on their prize. Pepper ran them off. It can't be. The unwelcome, yet familiar sight of death overcame her doubt. She swallowed hard. Animals had done a good job of tearing and feeding. She realized that she wasn't looking at a furry woodland creature, but the body of a young woman.

# # #

The situation demands that Pepper be brave to overcome. We are always more than we think we are. Using our courage unlocks our true nature and the greatness we hide from ourselves.

This was my motivation in writing CONQUERED. Now that you know, I'm sure you'll see it on the pages. Did I connect with my soul? In part. That journey continues as will the Kivronain Vampire Series.

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