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Book: Black Boogiemen by Tallis Piaget

Book Review: Black Boogiemen by Tallis Piaget

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Tallis Piaget

about this book: If a person grows up in the inner city and works hard (good grades, goes to college, earns a substantial degree), the first action this person performs upon reaching a somewhat successful status is LEAVE. In turn the inner city loses its most important assets, leaving these areas lacking positive role models. Well, "Black Boogiemen" is a fictional story about a charismatic leader that unites all of these successful men, and forces them to return to the worse parts of the inner city to LIVE.

This covert team of men (Black Boogiemen) truly bring about change to the inner city. They first begin to affect the aesthetics, beautifying the neighborhood. They revamp the educational system making it more conducive to the young urban mind. Finally, they get rid of all of the drug dealers and gangbangers, and they force every urban youth to pull their pants up (or else). Eventually, the inner city morphs into something comparable to a Utopian Society, free of the nefarious aspects that plague all poor urban areas.

As the author I must admit I expected a huge backlash because of this books subject matter. It's extremely controversial and honest, and though the message is beautiful, the story is quite gritty. Yet, to my surprise, everyone loves it. Though that may sound like an exaggeration, it is not. Everyone who reads my book says one of two things: either "This is the best book I've read", or "This is ONE of the best books I've ever read." Something else I must confess, I am truly amazed at the rave reviews I receive from all ethnic groups. This proves that the book truly transcends any demographic box that the title may suggest.

Though "Black Boogiemen" primarily focuses on an urban situation, there's a reason why all ethnic groups find this read so compelling. This book deals with self accountability and self responsibility. No longer will it be acceptable to blame personal issues on social woes are past atrocities. Americans are tired of excuses and this book discourages the "victim" mentality. The story also strongly discourages the entitlement attitude that's now ubiquitous across America. It's about people taking charge, not expecting help from the government, but realizing that if true positive change is to occur, it must be the citizens who bring about this positive change.

Why did I write this book? Being honest again, I see the deplorable state of most inner cities throughout America. No matter what state we visit, their urban area is usually the place that contains a preponderance of criminal activity. And I truly believe that if we as a people continue to neglect these areas, the places and the people will devolve to a place of no return. If action isn't immediate, we will see the continued degradation of our people, our state, and our country. What are you willing to do to bring peace to your world? Read this book and it will have you crossing lines you thought you'd never cross.

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I really appreciated a book that focused on the concerns and domestic desires of men looking to provide security for themselves and their families. It's funny, though the men would not get together for mental comfort, they eventually share their secrets and hidden aspects of their lives. That equals psychological comfort if I ever observed it. Men need a space where they can freely interact without the burden and connotation that self-help groups suggest. Perhaps, one day we can congregate...and not over murder. Thanks to Tallis for bringing such pressing matters to the public sphere. [by Labancamy Jankins]

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