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Book: Magic Tree by Talidari

Book: Magic Tree by Talidari

categories: Book, Adventure, Virtues, Peronal Transformation, Non-Formal Education, Outsider, Learning Difficulties, Metaphysical, Contemporary, Spirituality, Travel, Inspirational, Treasure Hunt



Author Talidariabout this book: There is a magic tree under which everything you wish, it comes true. We found it after searching for it many years, and we want to show you the way. But there is a catch. Since every wish comes true, even the bad ones, not everyone is allowed. There is a purification journey, which puts you on the right path. It is told in the story of "Magic Tree", a contemporary, treasure hunt tale of a young woman's journey across the world to find the wish-fulfilling tree. Student Magda hates studying, thus breaks from the confines of conformity and quits her formal studies to pursue her dreams on her own terms, maintaining her authenticity by using intuition over reason. A fateful encounter with a wealthy Chinese man sets her on a mission to find the magic tree, which is told to help her achieve long-lasting happiness and prosperity.

As it turns out, the magic tree is the alternative to formal education, religion, and medicine; as well as to Holy grail, Philosopher's Stone, Golden fish, Alladin's lamp... But the tree is guarded by ferocious goblins (embodiments of destructive emotions and attitudes) that need to be tamed, not killed, by special gizmos (virtues). On her journey that turns into a spiritual odyssey Magda tries to fulfill her mission by mastering the gizmos and taming the goblins in far and exotic places, in encounters with strangers, in peculiar circumstances, exceptional surroundings, in celestial spheres and mystifying tales, until her quest takes her finally to a place where everything is possible – the fourth dimension. Her decade-long treasure hunt is set against the backdrop of a dozen countries around the world. Using her virtues, imagination and intuition, believing everything is possible and paying much attention to the world around her, which serve as omens guiding her towards her goal, young Magda becomes a high-flyer in her own right, spinning unfavorable circumstances into riches.

This novel inspires you to take advantage of your inborn virtues to make your dreams come true. It is particularly useful to all the young people having difficulties with learning and to the outsiders, because it offers an alternative through which anyone can achieve prosperity in life, despite poor grades or lack of education. We are told that education is the key to success, but this book challenges that, proposing that rather the virtues are the key to success and happiness.

It took us 10 years to write this epic book to make it magical. Anyone who gets this story will never be unhappy again!

The cover for the book we made ourselves, because besides being authors, we are multimedia artists, including painters.

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