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Book: Lord Of Lingering Shadows - The Elements Club by KYS REALM

Book: Lord Of Lingering Shadows - The Elements Club by KYS REALM

categories: Book, Historical Romance, Transmedia


Author KYS REALMabout this book: READ. WATCH. PLAY. GATHER. The first transmedia historical romance, THE ELEMENTS CLUB.

15th, Feb 1893,
The Elements Club

LORD HOLLINGBERRY: How was your Valentine's Day, Wesbury?

LORD WESBURY: (shrugs) I seem to be suffering from lack of attention from the opposite sex. Thankfully, I have Sir Furry (reaches down and pets his cat).

LORD HOLLINGBERRY: (laughs) That bad, eh? Of course, I was with the ladies... Notice the plural use of the word...

LORD WESBURY: (snorts) You and your beguiling charm! And by the way, Lord Gray is searching around trying to find out who made all those long-distance calls. (lowers his voice to a whisper) You and your constant quest of seeking out heated female company!

LORD HOLLINGBERRY: (smiles devilishly) Wesbury, you should have taken up my advise and seduced your own telephone operator. As it is, if you would just stop carrying around that flee-bag of a cat, or even just use a decent smelling after-shave, your odds of securing a lady-love would improve.

Dr DEATH: It does not matter what he does, the odds will always be low.

LORD WESBURY: That is a completely unfair statement! If anyone in this club needs a handicap odd in the love department, it is Lord Clayworth!

LORD CLAYWORTH: (Leg bobbing up and down in a state of constant movement) Me! That is patently untrue! Women adore me because I am a man of wit and good humour!

Dr DEATH: You are an idiot.

LORD CLAYWORTH: (flicks Dr. Death on the shoulder in scorn) I am no bumming buffoon. I am an extraordinary, yet overlooked talent just waiting to be featuring in a leading comedic role on stage!

LORD HOLLINGBERRY: In a wager, I would say Lord Casimin needs the most assistance in the love department.

Dr DEATH: A year ago I would have wagered the odds on Lord Gray. I still fail to see how he secured Scarlet Ruby.

LORD WESBURY: I think it was her Mining, Minerals and Mayhem party kiss that got his attention.

DR DEATH: It was her money.

LORD CLAYWORTH: (flings a peanut at Dr. Death) It was Scarlet's Ghost Gardian. GG must have pinned Gray to the floor with a knife and ordered a marriage.

LORD HOLLINGBERRY: No, no men! You are all wrong. Gray fell for Scarlet Ruby's intelligence, her endearing loyalty, her refreshing persona, outrageous stories, her gorgeous eyes, lovely long legs, lush breas--

LORD WESBURY: My god, man! She's a married woman now! You speak as if Scarlet Ruby were available. If Lord Gray heard you, no doubt he would engage you in a cane fight. Modify your tone out of respect.

LORD HOLLINGBERRY: For goodness sake! A man can still admire a woman even if she has a ring on her finger!

DR DEATH: Mostly, you admire the size of Scarlet Ruby's bank account.

(Lord Gray walks into the room and authoritatively lifts a telephone bill)

LORD GRAY: Who is calling long-distance to Minterville?! Repeatedly?!!

(The room goes quiet. Lord Wesbury glares in earnest at Lord Hollingberry, who in turn, ignores him and glances out the window. Clayworth fidgets with his pant leg in earnest. Dr Death looks back at Gray with narrowed eyes and does not say a word.)

LORD GRAY: (sighs in exasperation) Obviously, I will not be told who the culprit is. (slaps the telephone bill on a table). What were you all talking about when I walked in?

LORD CLAYWORTH (glances at Hollingberry in desperation) Oh, this and that.

LORD GRAY: What this and that?

LORD HOLLINGBERRY: We were talking about your book, Gray. Such amazing illustrations of... spiky plants.

LORD GRAY: Really? My book? (smiles) I knew my work on American medicinal plants would inspire you at some point!

LORD WESBURY: Gray, by chance, did your work in botany in any way contribute to you securing Scarlet Ruby's affection?

LORD GRAY: (smiles knowingly) Possibly...

How did Lord Gray secure Scarlet Ruby's affection? Find out in Lord of Lingering Shadows, segment one of The Elements Club.

Set in Victorian London between 1892-1897, The Elements Club follows the lives of various members as they each unlock the power of love and fortune. Welcome to KYS REALM's original historical romance transmedia series, THE ELEMENTS CLUB. Segment one, LORD OF LINGERING SHADOWS, premieres Thursday, January 24, 2013 with an e-book, a series of casual video games, 11 cliff-hanger episodes, and for members, live events.

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Video: Set in Victorian London between 1892-1897, The Elements Club follows the lives of various members as they each unlock the power of love and fortune





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