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Book: A Reunion in Time by Russell F. Moran

Book: A Reunion in Time by Russell F. Moran

categories: Book, Alternate History, Crime Thriller, FBI Thriller, Alternative History, Time Travel Thriller, High School Adventure, Time Travel


Russell F Moran

Author Russell F Moranabout this book: A novel of time travel, courage, and love.

Imagine travelling back in time 20 years to your old high school, and you're reunited with old friends who are all twenty years younger, as well as your beautiful wife, now a 16 year old with acne.

Rick Bellamy is a 37 year old FBI agent, in charge of the New York office if the Counterterrorism Task Force. His life just changed, and it wasn't something he planned on.

While visiting his old high school to help with an alumni committee, he was suddenly attacked by a short man in a black robe. Instinctively, to protect himself, Rick pummeled the little man, leaving him semi-conscious on the floor.

Three other brothers came running to the scene of the commotion, one of them, Brother Francis yelling, "Young man, come to my office immediately."

The sign on his door said Dean of Men, but Rick remembered him as a guidance counsellor. He wanted an explanation of Rick's behavior toward Brother Morris.
"My goal was simple, Brother—to defend myself against that sadistic little prick."
As they spoke, Rick looked around the familiar office. He saw a team photo of the championship football team from 1999. He stood in the back row. Then he realized that Brother Francis looked quite young, in his 30's, but that was impossible, because Brother Francis should be in his mid-50s by now. Brother Francis asked Rick if he knew what year it was, thinking that Rick may be suffering from a mental disorder. Rick said it was the year 2021, although the calendar on the wall showed the year to be 2001. Brother Francis then told Rick to look at a full length mirror in the corner of his office.

That's when Rick realized that the world had changed, and his life with it. He was looking at a kid who appeared to be 17 years old.

Brother Francis takes Rick to a psychiatrist who specializes in hysterical psychosis, suspecting that Rick suffers from this. The psychiatrist gives Rick a clean bill of mental health, and recommends that Rick see an acquaintance of his, a leading expert on time travel, a professor at Princeton.

The guy drives up to New York to see Rick, and determines that Rick has, indeed, time traveled.

While Rick meets with the professor, his wife, Ellen, tries to find him, along with some of Rick's colleagues from the FBI. While they looked around the grounds of the High School, Ellen steps on a grate, and disappears. She emerges, still at the high school, but it was a different place from where she was a few minutes ago. Ellen walks into the school, and a friendly brother informs her that Rick is, indeed, there and escorts her to the room where Rick was meeting with the time travel professor. On the way she looks at a full-length mirror, and instead of seeing a beautiful 36-year-old woman, she sees a scrawny 16-year-old—herself, 20 years in the past.

They try to convince anyone who will listen that they are accomplished adults in their mid-30s, Rick an FBI agent, and Ellen a famous architect. When they accurately predict the horrors of September 11, 2001 just a few days later, people start to believe them.
Rick's parents have a hard time believing all of this, but finally take it on Rick's say-so, and his prediction of 9/11. His parents reluctantly let them sleep in the same room, in the same bed. After all, they're married, his dad said to his mother, with a confused look on his face.

Rick, Ellen, and a boy named Jack (another time traveler) who is an accomplished author and journalist, set off to explore their strange new (old?) surroundings. They visit Ellen's favorite uncle who introduces them to yet another time traveler, a man with a secret knowledge of a nuclear terrorist plot in the near future.
They know they have to get back to 2021 to warn the authorities of the horrors that await, horrors worse than 9/11.

Their Princeton professor friend has a theory that they can find the time portal, or wormhole, and return to the time and place they came from.

It works, and they return to 2021, in time to sound the alarm about the coming terrorist nuclear plot to bomb four American cities.

"A wild time travel yarn to keep you up at night."

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