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Book: The Bee Lady's Amulet by Linn Henderson

Book: The Bee Lady's Amulet by Linn Henderson

categories: Book, Magic, Shamanism, Thera, Crete, Time Travel Romance

Linn Henderson

about this book: I love Ancient Middle Eastern mythology and anthropology, ever since I was a kid. Then I grew up and found out there were even cooler stories with all these ancient godesses that Bullfinch never mentioned. Oh, yes, and Mircea Eliade and Merlin Stone and all the rest of them, which was my doorway into Creatrix mythology and Shamanism. Then I found all the theories about Atlantis. All those interests snowballed, wrapping up all those ideas into one great big smashup.

When I got the idea of the door to the past stories, I was enthralled. Melinda showed up in various incarnations in other stories, so I took her by the hand, shoved her through the sacristia door to meet the goddess Askar, who plucked her up for a little side job, and we were off and running.

If you are interested in time travel, Middle Eastern Bronze Age mythology, and Shamanism, I think you will like this book.

I am also fascinated by the idea that a time traveler might or might not be able to influence the past, and must wrestle with what responsibility he or she might have with respect to personal actions.

This book was a chance to take all those ideas and weave a creation cloth of my own and spend lots of money on tons of books about Crete and its people, the eruptions of Thera, and even more about Middle Eastern Bronze Age cultures. I learned about the invention of weaving (and so is Venus de Milo is really holding a spindle?), arguments about the purpose of the "palaces" on Crete, and the social structure of a people who had no walls around their cities, little martial artwork in their homes and public places , and a love of good drugs, which is exemplified in the art they did produce.

The hardest part was trying to manage what went into the book. I would salve my disappointment with thoughts of, "Don't worry, it will fit into one of the books that follow."

Titles are hard for me, so I when I heard "The Bee Lady's Amulet" resonating in my head as I worked out the plot, I took it without hesitation.

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