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Book: Framer by Ben Abix

Book: Framer by Ben Abix

categories: Book, Suspense, Mystery, Violent, Murder, Page Turner, Sex, Drugs, Romance, Love, Paranormal, Relationships, Thriller


Ben Abix

Author Ben Abixabout this book: Framer was a labor of love; literally! This book utterly flowed out and was fast paced from the outset. The book is about two best friends that start out as students in the UCLA scene in southern California. Before some beach fun and college partying, Alden summons Colt to a 'once in a lifetime' meeting with a unknown man at a prestigious restaurant in Malibu.

After the three men dine overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, the mysterious young man eventually makes a 'once in a lifetime proposition' to both friends that takes them completely by surprise! It is at that moment that a 'major fork in the road' silently beckons both men to make an all important decision on their respective futures.

While Colt has serious reservations on the legitimacy of the offer, he eventually succumbs to the notion of wealth and riches beyond his belief. Subsequently thereafter, the three men create a bond that lasts throughout the powerful story taking the plot on a series of intense twists and turns; leaving the reader utterly spellbound and flipping to the next page to see the what happens next.

While in the U.S. Virgin Islands for covert 'hired gun' training, Colt finds a new romance that he never thought would follow him to the islands. With the setting now in paradise and the characters bonding even more, both men eventually finish the all important training and proceed around the world with their violent careers thereafter.

It is then that this unique title truly 'comes into it's own'! With edgy dialogue, high intensity, quickened tempo, violence, romantic undertones, tested relationships, paranormal aspects, and the internal struggles Colt has to endure make this an absolute page turner; and won't let the reader down whatsoever!

The benefits of reading Framer are endless: it will simply take you away to a completely different realm of reading and allow you to literally enter the main characters mind; feeling what he's feeling, loving what he loves, hating what he hates, and attempting rid yourself of his internal turmoil that starts to haunt him with every step he takes.

What inspired me to write this book was simply entertaining. For your time spent reading, I honestly feel it's one of the best investments a book lover could make ... and I really don't say that lightly! It was inspired by what wasn't out there in the marketplace; and the absolutely incredible experience readers would ultimately receive if given this title a chance.

The primary readers of this book are ideally suited for anyone between the ages of 18 to as old as an elderly person and everyone in between. However, if you're a youthful person at heart or you're fairly young (20s-40s)overall, you'll definitely love FRAMER and all that it yields you.

How long did it take to write? I started writing it March 18th and finished the raw version (unedited) on May 16th. As I said before, this puppy flowed like the water rushing out of a'high powered fireman's hose'! When I got cookin' on this bad boy, there were days when I would crank out over 10 pages in a clip; albeit exhausting and 'mind draining', I loved writing it and literally felt bummed out/sad when I couldn't write on it anymore.

Did I do research for this book? Definitely! The fine details of this book, (with regards to futuristic spying techniques and communication devices, among many other things), made for researching this intricate writing a necessity.

Did I learn anything from writing the book? Yes; I learned a lot about myself and what I wanted out of life. Colt and Alden taught me more than I could ever explain in my writing here. Although, the most important thing that I learned is where I could take my writing and how I could 'bend it' practically anyway I wanted to; ultimately entertaining the reader and taking them to that magical reading place they always covet visiting.

What do I want to say to my readers? That I love you! I know it sounds corny and probably weird, but when you read anything of mine I want you to fall in love with me as well. My main reasoning for writing is: one, I love it ... I really do love writing fiction; and two I want to develop a relationship with the reader that they'll take with them for the rest of their respective lives.

Lastly, I never want to be that writer that simply writes fiction for the 'hell of it' and doesn't pour everything he has into it to make the experience incredible for the reader overall. My goal is to be the author you talk about when you're in your intimate circles; when you're driving down the road with family or friends and want to talk about a cool story you read.

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