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Book: The Carpenter (The Blue Collar Assassin Series) by Max Myllan

Book Review: The Carpenter (The Blue Collar Assassin Series) by Max Myllan

categories: Book, Mystery, Murder, Carpenter, Blue Collar, Mediator, Puffer Fish, Priest, Assassin, Sexual Liberty, Thriller


Max Myllan

Author Max Myllanabout this book: What would you do if you lost everything you own and everyone you love? Many did in the Great Recession as the housing industry collapsed. One man, down and out, saw his fine furniture business destroyed, lost his loves and family and had nothing to live for. Yet he persevered and received a Faustian bargain that would change his life. All he had to do was assassinate a powerful billionaire real estate scammer responsible for financial ruins in America. Would you take the offer? A regular blue collar carpenter with exceptional black ops skills, Eric Donovan, accepts the offer to turn his decimated life around and become the first Blue Collar Assassin.

Take a journey with a deeply spiritual man who faces his demons and wins one for the little guys against the most corrupt financial and political figures of our time.


The Carpenter reviews:

Max Myllan's, The Carpenter, shows the intricate artistry of crisp storytelling and eloquent character development. Myllan is compelling in his authentic details where morality collide with the darkness of this world in a quest of survival, similar to how Pat Conroy's writing explores dark emotions. KP

Wow! A lot of twists and head scratching! Good job! I didn't see the story ending that way. JS

A good book can pull you into it's pages, it's as if you are right there in the midst of what is transpiring, a good book brings the characters to life, you walk away feeling as if you have met them personally, a good book is filled with information that educates you and a good book mesmerizes you as it's story line surprises you with twists and turns throughout. The Carpenter contains all of the above and there is no doubt about it, one day your name will be right up there among the greats: Patterson, Robb, Kellerman SP

The carpenter is a definite page-flipper. SA

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The Carpenter is an exciting journey through mystery and suspense as we follow Eric on his newly paved path.

Author Max Myllan delivers an excellent first story in The Blue Collar Assassination Series. Eric Donovan is a likable character. After serving his country Eric settles down with his college sweetheart, Aimee, in Florida. After his wife Aimee dies and the economy declines Eric suffers a series of setbacks including financial ones. Even though Eric thought he wouldn't be able to love again he married Tiana a couple years after Aimee's death. Eric suffers more heartache as Tiana dies also after a hard marriage.

Eric suffers this all in silence until finally he opens up to his father and allows it all to come out. Eric is in deep with the sharks and behind in all his bills. He is holding on by a rapidly fraying thread. This is when the mediator offers Eric an enticing opportunity to use his skills from the military to his monetary advantage. Eric has little time to consider the offer and feels the pressure.

Myllan takes us on a thrilling ride through the choices Eric must make to secure his future. There are interesting characters along the way and a secretive undertone. Myllan takes us on many twists and turns before arriving at the shocking conclusion.

I love that Myllan's writing is thorough and well researched. I learned a lot of interesting facts in an entertaining way through this book. It is obvious Myllan put forth tremendous effort into getting it right. I highly recommend it and eagerly await the next installment of The Blue Collar Assassination Series! [by Raymy]

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