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Book: To Each Their Own by C. B. Barrie

Book Reviews: To Each Their Own by C. B. Barrie

categories: Book, Fiction, Assassination, Thriller

Author: C. B. Barrie
Publisher: Winterwolf Pub


An outstanding plot and well written - if you can get a copy of this book, or are able to download it, you will not be disappointed. [by Clearview]

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Like other readers, I found this story not only gripping but very sad and disturbing. Can't express the emotion that arises as we follow the central character in her right to stay free and sane. CB Barrie really should have received far more acclaim for this title but as usual the title only penetrated the readership slowly. It should be reprinted. [by SAMSON]

 A Journey Into Morality

Wow! Who says purple prose is the new format in fiction and anything else is old hat. Read 'To Each their Own' and you will quuickly appreciate that this is what real writing is all about. Take an outstanding story and add a highly competent wordsmith, and what you have is many hours of undiluted pleasure none of which is marred by any literary sleight-of-hand. Good writing is not scouring the dictionaries for obscure words, and it is not about structuring sentences so that the reader has to decode it like a cipher. No one should doubt that the current trend for semantic distortion, and the use of curious (if not perverse) metaphore in modern fiction writing is simply a device. Wrapping up a less than interesting tale in convoluted syntax is no way to claim literary honors or ability. Yet the accolades pour in for this form of fiction these days. However, C.B Barrie's effort has renewed my faith in the value of prose that stands out because it is fluent, and well composed. In this case we have an author able to create a sense of almost perfect balance between descriptive necessity and the needs of the story itself. There is no wallowing in self-indulgent elaboration nor an implict message that the story is secondary to the prose. No one would dare to accuse this author of trying to impress us with unecessary and redundant woffle! This is to say nothing of a story that takes the reader in to a world where morals and ethics become tangled and aberrant - where the central character elicts sympathy for reasons that question our own codes of right and wrong. Where in the end we realise that her plight is one which we have always known could happen - to us. I recommend 'To Each Their Own' to anyone wanting to see just how well a superb story can be can be made the better by an expert whose skill would make 'creative' writers shudder! TL [by Teller]

 No Contest

Previous reviews say it all - damn shame this book never had the distribution and readership it deserved. But then, how often do excellent authors fail to push the established writers off their thrones; too often it's marketing which determines sales and not an authors ability to write well. If it were simply the ability to write amazing stories in a highly readable way CB Barrie would be a household name but so too would many others. Sadly, sheer talent ain't what its all about! [by Norman James]

 No Argument

Sad that so good a thriller, gripping, innovative and downright disturbing, never got the promotion it deserved. I imagine CB Barrie looks back on his first title and wonders what might have been! All the new authors under the Winterwolf publishing house suffered the same fate when the operation crashed just after publishing its opening list. 'To Each Their Own' hardly began to circulate before it went out of print and this was a great loss to the general readership. Here was a title that beat every mainstream author hands down but didn't get the exposure it should have. Those who did get a look were mighty impressed in every respect. Perhaps now, as slowly its reputation blossoms some sensible soul will get it back into print. Failing that you will need to download it on Kindle! If you do you won't be disappointed. [by Estelle]

 Should be Number One on the Lists

Can't understand why this title never made the best seller's list. It has everything a reader would want in a suspense/thriller not to mention the moral issues it raises. The story holds together wonderfully with no possibility of the reader getting lost. Equally important is the way the events develop - you are hard pressed to predict the outcome and even less likely to be able to handle the mix of emotions the cold (or rather unique) blooded 'heroine' creates as you are forced to relinquish conventional morality and find yourself having a sneaky sympathy for her situation. All in all this was one that got away - shame because CB Barrie got it absolutely right with this first title and it should have been better promoted. Maybe next time!

 None For One And One For No One Else!

The conflict between freedom, individualism and duty to society as a whole is central here. Society is seen to have double standards when it comes to an individual refusing to sacrifice their freedom of action to the detriment of society as a whole. The book asks a searching and fundamental question about the selfish and convenient way society distorts its morality to suit the moment. Through the disturbing story of Ursa it shows how fickle the rules can become when a consensus of fear takes over.

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