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Book: Super Duty by Daniel K Munroe

Book Reviews: Super Duty by Daniel K Munroe

categories: Book, Crime, Action, Adventure, Cars, Trans Am, Guns, Chase, Pontiac, Lamborghini, Camaro, Mustang, Thriller


Daniel K Munroe

Author Daniel K Munroeabout this book: 'Super Duty' came to life from two sources within me - firstly my love of reading thrillers, and secondly because of my interest in cars.

The book is aimed at people who enjoy exciting, edge-of-your-seat fiction – but I made sure you don't need to be a car nut to enjoy the yarn. Plus I tried to make all the action sequences and situations reasonably believable, albeit in a larger than life story setting.

Paul Butler is no hero. He's an ordinary guy, a family man, and an ex-cop. He's landed a dream job in California, looking after a fleet of sports and exotic cars belonging to an unassuming multi-billionaire. David Harrington may be mega-rich but he lives a low-profile lifestyle, and shares with Paul an almost all-consuming passion for cars.

Without meaning to, Paul winds up in a very awkward position with Harrington's provocatively flirtatious wife. But instead of being fired, Paul is given a reprieve, along with a hard-to-refuse request to assist with a simple plan to secretly reclaim a stolen car … a very rare 1973 Pontiac Trans Am Super Duty.

The thrust of my novel was to push Paul into a situation almost completely beyond his control, and thereby have this fairly ordinary man reach deep within himself to survive being pursued by unknown players in a deadly environment – in the midst of which Harrington disappears.

I hope readers enjoy the ride. And yes, in response to requests, I'm presently working on a sequel.

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 Great Fun read, but try and time the last half for the weekend

Even if you're not interested in cars, this is thoroughly enjoyable, but if you have the faintest interest then the detail of the cars and the descriptive detail allow you to imagine that you're there taking part. Fortunately I was reading the last half close to the weekend and was able to finish without it impacting on my day job. The previous books I've read have only kept me awake for 15-20 minutes, however Super duty kept me reading at least an hour a night and even then I had to force myself to put it down.

Just as you think that it is finished another challenge for Paul comes through, totally unexpected ...

In the early part of the book there was just the right disclosure of detail at the right spot to keep you wanting to know the next piece of information, can't wait for the sequel and the movie! [by Peter]

 Your duty to read ..

Super Duty is that rare gem...a well researched and well written high octane story. Credible narrative adventure has a new proponent in the writing of Daniel K Munroe. The ability to write engaging and believable characters placed in some extraordinary situations is the sign of an assured author and this his first published novel. This is the start of an exciting literary journey and hopefully more adventures to come with the same pace and reader enjoyment. Fasten your seatbelt, stow away loose articles and engage the ignition! The twists and turns of the story lock you in and its a very visual experience - a tribute to the ability to paint pictures through words. My only criticism ... the book ended and the reader is left wanting more..but isn't that the ultimate compliment ... [by Bondy 003]

 Get in, belt up and hold onto a great read!!

This book is like seeing the car of your dreams, you walk around it, admiring the profile, how she sits and using your expert eye look for any imperfections.(Characters established, story line introduced). -Then you get to sit in it and you familiarise yourself with the controls.(You are getting hooked). -Then you are handed the keys and you start her up. (No way are you letting go of this baby now). -Pure joy as you head off to warm everything up before you get to "floor" that accelerator and you and machine become one. (The story is climaxing with an unexpected twist, that has you reading non stop!). All too soon it is over and your drive ends ... waiting for the next opportunity.

I have one complaint...what the heck do I read now?! [by Kerry]

 Takes off with a V8 Roar

It starts with the gentle rumble of a V8 engine and then opens up like stepping on the gas, only slowing slightly for the corners. A great read that never stops with some good twists and turns throughout. Really enjoyed the book and could not put it down. Would be great to see where the storyline continues in future developments. Keep it up.

 A superb read

This book would make a superb action movie, with say Jason Statham in the lead; once the characters were established it raced away and I couldn't leave it alone until the last breathless moments. Highly recommended. [by Gareth]

 Super Duty by Daniel K Munroe

A good read which takes a while to get going but compelling once you're the action get under way and then you are into it. I can't wait for the movie. [by John]

 Hold onto your hat

I love a fast paced action/thriller novel and decided to stray from the mainstream authors and give this one a go. I owned a Chevrolet in my younger days and appreciate the classic things in automotive life but wondered how I, a female, would fare with a book that would have petrol and a high dose of horsepower flowing through its veins. Was I really still a little bit of a petrolhead? The answer came quickly - Oh yes! The book developed at a sedate and credible pace early on as the scene was set then cruised as the trap was carefully set. Suddenly the story chopped down a couple of gears, applied the gas, and the roller coaster ride began. Thrills, spills, adrenalin and a number of gasps as I wondered from one page to the next how the central character would extricate himself from the next 'situation' with the least amount of damage. In fact I went back to the page where the pace increased and tried to work out what the author did from that point to make the book totally un-put-downable. This was a rollicking good read, with a credible central character - pure entertainment! [by Glenda]

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