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Book: Think Well & Prosper by Steve Bareham

Book: Think Well & Prosper by Steve Bareham

categories: Book, Critical Thinking, Self Improvement, Career Advancement, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Thinking Skills


Steve Bareham

Author Steve Barehamabout this book: There is nothing more important in our lives than thinking well. When we think effectively, we make better decisions, we make fewer mistakes, we are usually happier, we perform better in our careers and relationships. And, we raise our children better, especially if we teach them how to think better, too.

When you think about it, there is not a single reason not to think more about your thinking! But, how many people do? Most of us think the way we think is pre-determined, as though thinking and intelligence are the same thing. They are not. Thinking is a skill that can be learned, practiced, and honed so that it functions like a highly tuned engine.

But, you have to understand what happens when you think: there is a specific sequence that we should use, but few people know the sequence because it is not taught in schools. This is both remarkable and tragic.

Think Well & Prosper is written by college academic Steve Bareham. Steve wrote the textbook on thinking in order to teach management students and he has had 12 years to evolve its concepts. His students attest to its value and utility and so will you. Thinking better is not necessarily hard or complex. You just have to know what to do and what the thinking steps are.

What thinking is not is outcomes, decisions, plans, conclusions, and judgments. These are all results of thinking, the final products, but many people think they are thinking. Because people start at the end, mistakes are made – they are literally thinking backward!

Many of us learn the thinking processes and routines as we progress through life, or if we pursue higher education where educators nudge us to develop higher order thinking skills. But, why wait until later, if obtaining these skills sooner will help now?

Do something really important for yourself: THINK BETTER! and you can with information about:

• the thought process works when it's well managed (and when it's not)
• improved understanding of our thinking sequence/process brings about much improved outcomes that benefit us in all walks of life
• to systematically audit your thinking to ensure that none of the components of higher order thinking are overlooked and that exploration of the parts is comprehensive and done conscientiously to produce detailed analysis, coherent synthesis, defensible reasoning, logical inference, creativity, sound judgment, constructiveness, and connectiveness
• to employ personal candor about psychological landmines that often derail us
• to ask better questions; our brains are questioning machines, but we often ask questions subconsciously and without critical analysis of their depth or quality. You'll learn that there are six levels to question sophistication so you can ask better questions routinely. Einstein said questioning skills were the secret to his success.
• memory works and how to make yours better
• to make better plans, decisions, and judgments (and do these better AFTER employing the thinking "parts" in the right sequence
• to create a strategic life plan using a process similar to that employed by successful corporations (works for life, too!)
• to be more persuasive by expanding your persuasion arsenal with 21 specific tactics and strategies (this is hugely beneficial)
• organizational patterns can improve your communication power

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