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Book: Abstraction in Theory - Laws of Physical Transaction - Theory of Everything by Subhajit Ganguly

Book Reviews: Abstraction in Theory - Laws of Physical Transaction - Theory of Everything by Subhajit Ganguly

categories: Book, Science, Theoretical Physics, Cosmology, Astrophysics, Chaos, Physics, Theory of Everything


Subhajit Ganguly

about this book: This book is an endeavour towards finding a satisfactory description of the physical world. It is meant to be read by anybody with a knowledge of physics and mathematics, or anybody interested in science and the working of the world, in general. The crux of any effective communication, I believe, is that people from all strata should be able to have some takeaway from it. Hopefully, this work will turn out to be such effective communication for the readers. The laws of physical transaction described in this book regarding physical transactions seem to be the laws that govern the world at the most fundamental level. It builds upon from 'zero-postulation', or a concept of no assumption of possibilities. This postulation of 'null-assumption' seems to steer the theory into becoming a complete description of the known physical world. I wish my readers a good read regardless of their standings. Feel free to send me your feedback and suggestions regarding the work. Grab your copy today. Cheers to you all!

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 Fabulous Read

I have not come across such concise and monumental work of science for a long long time. Truly a fabulous read. A must-read for all members of the science community. [by Abdul Hameed]

 Food for the Brain

This book I felt gives a very satisfactory description of the known world. But its masterly stroke lies in its consideration of 'no consideration' or zero-postulation, as the author himself calls it. [by Josephine Nash]

 Very Clever Use of a Few Basic Concepts

The author makes a very clever use of a few basic concepts to build the monumental constructs. Zero-postulation is the starting point of its arguments. This provides a sound basis to the theorising process. A completely novel idea. A 'must read' as they say. [by Sofie Martin]

 A Great Read

I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. A very comprehensive treatment by the author of this rather difficult subject is noteworthy.

 The Author Reminds One of a Young Einstein

Truly ground-breaking work, a great job by the author. Our current view of the world is to be revolutionised. One is reminded of the year 1905, the year Einstein published 5 seminal papers. This is 2012 and this single book accomplishes nothing less than that feat. [by Gary Higins]

 Great Work of Science

Absolute must-read for any scientist or science-enthusiast. Very interesting book, that captures the imagination of not only an expert in the subject, but also that of a layman. [by Allen Jepson]

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