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Book: Party, Sex & Drugs by Nesa Kovacs

Book: Party, Sex & Drugs by Nesa Kovacs

categories: Book, Young Adults, Teen Sex, Teens Drugs, Teen Self Help, Peer Pressure, Family and Parenting, Self-Confidence, Teen Dating, Teen Parties, Teen Depression, Teen Sexual Abuse, HIV, Teenager Survival Guide


Nesa Kovacs

Author Nesa Kovacsabout this book: Party, Sex & Drugs...A Teenager's Survival Guide is about parents and teens understanding and coming to terms with the peer pressure teens face today in schools, at church, at home and most importantly people they call friends.

I am the Author of the book and at age 14 I was faced with the peer pressure of parties, sex and drugs amongst my Hollywood friends and school friends. The pressure of fitting in in both crowds was overwhelming, and for some reason although my mom and I have a close relationship, I just didn't tell her at first, I thought I could handle it all, but I was so wrong.

The good thing is that I made a lot of mistakes trying to be a little adult on my own, but eventually I realized that I was not the only teen suffering from peer pressure from those I thought were my true friends.

But most importantly I learned that parents just don't know what teens are doing today, and teens don't know how to handle the evil things that surround them everyday.

So in conclusion, in this book, I break the code...I tell parents what they want to know but are afraid to ask their kids, or for those parents who never had that talk with their teens. I unleash what's really going on in school and more, and what some teens are really doing behind their backs. Also parents will get a little hip as they learn the codes that teens speak in this book.

In conclusion I want my readers to know that as a teen, I hear you, I hear you loud and clear and as for parents, they need to hear them too. Listen to your child and understand their life as a teen. Don't think things can't happen to your child because perhaps they are athletic, straight A student, because guess what, the more perfect you think your child is, the more chances he is the one this book is about.

This may come as a shock but I researched nothing, this book came from the heart and my feelings and the pain I endured, I was living this book as I wrote it, which makes it more special.

The hardest part about writing this book was working with my mom on it, because she is so graphic we had a lot of arguments about the truth that should be told, but eventually we met in the middle.

I do believe this book is a must read for every parent and teen, and its more powerful if they read it together.

As for the cover of this book, the simple red cup says it all. It is what every teen and adult can relate to. The party cup is a symbol of all things ugly if you don't do things in moderation and control your surroundings.

I came up with this title because simply it speaks for itself, the most powerful thing teens face today is party, sex and drugs, you can't get more direct than that.

It took me a few months to write it, because I had so much to say, so I kept deleting to make it simple and easy to read, plus I wanted the readers to know that I went through this myself and that I am confident enough within myself to know that I mad mistakes, I made a change, and now let me help you avoid the mistakes I made or at least let me have that talk with you, that perhaps your parents didn't.

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