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Book: A Vested Interest - Immortality Gene by John and Shelia Chapman

Book Review: A Vested Interest - Immortality Gene by John and Shelia Chapman

categories: Book, Romantic Suspense, SciFi Genetic Engineering, Nanotechnology, Conspiracy, Romance, Humor, Humour, Technothriller


John Chapman

Author John Chapmanabout this book: If someone told you that the Earth would be destroyed by collision with a rogue planetoid in the year 7141 you would not be very concerned. 'I'll be dead then - the people alive then can sort out the problem' you would think. Our children would think the same, and their children, and... so on. There would come a time though when those alive in the year 7000 would find it's too late to do anything about it.

Enter Sir Richard Triplet into the equation. He has a plan and he's started work on it already in secret. One of his key elements is to start research into greatly extending human lifespan. After all - if you were to become immortal would you feel that planetoid problem is a little more urgent?

A Vested Interest is the first book in a series. It's based on technology which is beginning to be available now. Book one of the 'A Vested Interest' series is free and covers the development of a virus which 'infects' everyone with immortality. Along the way it deals with corporate jealousy at the highest levels, greed, spite, vengeance, conspiracy, advanced technology, medicine, love and betrayal, and, of course, the very essence of life itself.

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 More twist and turns than a briar bush

I've read both the old and the new version of A Vested Interest. I've also read the other 8 books in the series. I loved the old books but the new versions are just - wow! Talk about page turners! What seems simple is never as you expect. The villains can change to goodies and the goodies can change to villains. Nothing is as you expect - even dead people can't be relied upon to cause no further problems, or for that matter, stay dead!

Zombies, werewolves, vampires and magic play no part in this story. It's all based on sound science. The authors are either 'in the know' or pretty good at predicting the future because, since they started writing the series in 2007, lots of the stuff they wrote about has actually come true! They wrote about fly size nanobugs being used to spy on people and that's beginning to happen. They suggested wall screen displays which make a room underground appear to have a window looking outside - that's now possible. They wrote about genetic engineering making us immortal - I'm looking forward to that!

In the early versions of the books the characters did seem a little unreal. Richard was just too nice to be believed (Although I'll have a good looking, filthy rich, considerate and intelligent man who is devoted to me). Donna cried at the drop of a hat fell in love in minutes and let herself be pushed around. Lady Triplet was just sooo much fun. In the new version all that has been fixed. Richard has a dark side. Donna is a force to be reckoned with and Lady Triplet - I wouldn't want that scheming old witch as my grandmother!

How should this book and series be classified? It's a technothriller, a romance and a suspense thriller with elements of science fiction genetic engineering. Maybe it's a romantic technothriller? The good thing is that you don't have to be a scientist, a crime fiction or a Harlequin fan to enjoy the series.

Get these books - I know you'll like them. [by Connie D.]

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