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Book: Diamond Rain - Adventure Science Fiction Techno Thriller (The Spy Stories and Tales of Intrigue Series Book 2) by Michael James Gallagher

Book: Diamond Rain - Adventure Science Fiction Techno Thriller (The Spy Stories and Tales of Intrigue Series Book 2) by Michael James Gallagher

categories: Book, Nano, Espionage, Rescued Woman, Power of Love, Military, Science Fiction, Nanosuit, Drones, Near Future Speculative, Intrigue, Suspense, Technothriller


Michael James Gallagher

Author Michael James Gallagherabout this book: Four hundred thousand words of writing! That's what it took for Diamond Rain to see the light of day. But why did it take almost four novels worth of writing to come alive? Mainly because I was thinking of movie scenes and flashbacks instead of straight narrative. One of my favourite writers Robert Heinlein inspired me with the structure of his military science fiction novel and blockbuster movie Starship Troopers. I wrote it first as a series of connected vignettes, each with a different point of view.

What resulted? A mish-mash of intriguing stories that were less connected than I thought at first. My beta-readers told me in no uncertain terms that the stories were great, but the changing people holding the most important roles confused them. Back to the drawing board. I had to fight with structural confusion. The problem seemed so daunting that I almost gave up. Then I met some great people on the Net who suggested mind maps. After a few short weeks, I had a plot all mapped out and I set about writing a new novel using the same scenes. Six months later and 250 pages in I wrote 'The End'.

My favourite beta reader was waiting with baited breath. After only two hours, she called me up and told me it was great but the point of view (POV) was still very baffling.

Let's take an inventory now. What did I learn about writing over the last 15 months? First I learned that thinking cinematically created absorbing scenes but left readers paddling upstream against a strong current because my main character's changed in each scene. As a result, readers didn't get to share a growing intimacy with one protagonist as she matured through her story. Instead, they got lots of perhaps opinions and inner dialogues but it was a cacophony of emotions, not a single vision built by my main character's experiences. Back to the drawing board.

What next? I had to change the point of view of each and every one of the scenes so that it was seen through the eyes of my main character, Thomas. This time I learned from experience and got together on the Net with several beta-readers and started looking for an editor to mentor me through the process. The first editor resided in of all places India. He was a cheerful, demanding and positive believer in the power of the spirit. Just think of something you want your character to resolve the next day before bed and write a short a short note down beside your bed about your goal and the next day, the solution will appear when you start typing. Remarkably enough, his methods bore fruit. I became a believer in the power of the positive cosmos and my reincarnated book started to take shape.

Through a course of reading and critiquing best sellers – one every two weeks – our little group of writers started producing more and more critiques, as well as pounds of prose in our chosen genre. My task became to see the book's world through only Thomas' point of view. What a task it was? Six months later, a new novel seen through one character's eyes arrived at its conclusion. Editor's reaction: Too meandering, not enough action and tension. Start again.

In all honesty, almost two years into the project I despaired. I just couldn't face reading and writing if for a fifth time. I put it aside and went in search of a new editor. When I found her a month later, she read my book and said go back to school, take some creative writing classes and call me in three years.

Somewhere inside, I knew the project had merits so I went on vacation to celebrate my retirement and visited Costa Rica. Now Costa Rica has a special atmosphere, something in the air got me writing again. Sitting on the beach with a tablet on my knees and ignoring spelling, point of view and even grammar I slammed out 200 pages of a romance novel for young adults set in Guanacaste, a beautiful part of the country. Monkeys and 'pura vida' gave me back my muse and prepared me for attacking my Diamond Rain one more time.

I printed up a paper copy and marked all the places where the point of view jumped around and then set about making the jumps more palatable for readers. After three months, I submitted to a new editor having informed him that the POV need 'love' and he had the patience and desire to soften my point of view problems and work with me using his thirty years of experience writing successful short stories to bring my baby to market.

Right now, its in pre-release on Amazon and you could help me by clicking of the order in pre-release button on the page. If you pre-order you get to sample this labour of love for much less than a Starbucks Latte. Before April 10, 2015, it's going for just 99 cents US.

It's a great book. I am proud of it because it taught me how to write. One more thing. I will be forever indebted to you if you take the time to review it on Amazon. So indebted that I'll give you a free copy of either the next book in the series, Billy's Back Book Three of the Spy Stories and Tales of Intrigue Series, or the first book, which just got translated to Turkish – Yahoo! – called Tsunami Connection. All you have to do is send me a link to your review and I'll promptly send you a gift card from Amazon.

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