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Book: Eyes of the Predator - The Pickham County Murders (The Hunters) by Glenn Trust

Book: Eyes of the Predator - The Pickham County Murders (The Hunters) by Glenn Trust

categories: Book, Murder, Mystery, Series, Serial Killer, Crime Drama, Crimefiction, Suspense Thriller


Glenn Trust

Author Glenn Trustabout this book: There are predators and victims, all around us. They victims live invisible lives, suffering their terror, pain and abuse in silence. The psychology of abuse and victimization makes them believe that they are the responsible in some way for the acts of the abusers.

The predators, like all predators, seek the weakest, most vulnerable among us. Just as a lion picks the youngest and weakest gazelle, human predators seek those they can overpower and control. Often their control is as much psychological as it is physical.

"Eyes of the Predator: The Pickham County Murders" is a story that evolved over decades. In 1965, a young newlywed was abducted from a parking lot at Lenox Square in Atlanta. Atlanta was a very different city in those days. It was a southern city with an almost country atmosphere. It was not the huge metropolis that it is today. It was an era when mothers still left babies in strollers outside of stores while they went in and shopped. Hard to believe in this day, but true. The abduction of the young newlywed changed all of that.

Suddenly Atlanta was a big city, with big city crime. People were not safe. The idea that a young woman could simply disappear from a parking lot and never be seen again was deeply disturbing. I was a high school student at the time. It was a topic of conversation in class, among teachers, parents and students. The story was covered in the press for months and would return later when some new piece of evidence or possible link to the case was discovered. Today, such coverage of one crime seems ridiculous. In the context of 1965 Atlanta it seemed completely normal. The city was absorbed by, and in, the case. If you search the internet for missing woman 1965 Atlanta you will be able to read extensively about the case. I have deliberately not mentioned the family name here out of respect for the feelings of any surviving family members. I am also certain that anyone who lived in Atlanta at the time and was old enough to be aware, remembers the case.

This as the seed that planted itself in the mind of a fourteen year old boy and later grew into "Eyes of the Predator". But the book is not about this particular case. A decade or so after the abduction and presumed murder of the young woman (only her bloodstained car was ever found) I was a police officer in one of the metro Atlanta police departments. For ten years, I was exposed to a side of life that police officers come to know, but few others ever actually experience.

My police years showed me the dirty face of victimization and the cold, sociopathic face of the predators. Periodically, someone, usually a woman or child, would disappear from some parking lot around the city. I responded to the numerous domestic violence call that all police officers see and witnessed the physical and psychological abuse that the victims suffered, along with their irrational belief tat they were somehow responsible for the abuse. Time and again I saw women return to abusive situations after we had help them leave.

I am not a psychologist and I did not approach writing "Predator" from a clinical standpoint. The feelings and views are mine. I make no pretense about having some educated understanding of what is really going on in these cases. But I know what I saw and what I experienced. "Eyes of the Predator" tells a story. My experience tells me that it is real, but it is not based on true events. Characters, plot, locations are all the creation of my imagination, but are based in the reality that I have experienced and witnessed.

I wanted the story to be gripping, intense, earthy and real. My reviewers have told me that it is. It is not for young readers.

The cover design is mine. I tried to capture the true predatory nature of the principle antagonist, the predator. Again, my reviewers feel that I succeeded.

I hope that those who join me on the journey in the story will gain some realization that victimization exists. It is around us. The predators are camouflaged and hidden in the high grass of our society, but they are there.

Worse, the victims are invisible. Not because they are camouflaged, but because we do not see them, or choose to ignore them.

Finally, "Eyes of the Predator: The Pickham County Murders" is the first novel in "The Hunters" series. Murder is incomprehensible to most of us, certainly to those who have never been exposed to the dark underside of our society. The succeeding books will examine the other reasons we kill. Power, profit, revenge, religion, ideology. Each will tell the story of murder and the hunt for the killers by dedicated men and women, each of whom have their own flaws and demons, but who are dedicated to the work they do. We should be grateful to them, the hunters. I am.

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