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Book: Blooded - NOMADS - Anunnaki Tribulation (Book 2) by Lyn Murray [pre-order tease]

Book: Blooded - NOMADS - Anunnaki Tribulation (Book 2) by Lyn Murray [pre-order tease]

categories: Book, New Age, Fallen Angels, Paranormal, Supernatural


Lyn Murray

Lyn Murray and her husband, Joeabout this book: Vampiric Fallen Angels (Anunnaki) invade your senses in Vol. 2 of this mind-blowing fictional allegory in the Blooded saga, as we explore their past lives and loves and generational wars – brother against brother, cousin against cousin – seductress against seducer, in their questing greed to dominate Earth and mankind – the beings they genetically engineered to worship and serve them.As the two great houses of Enki and Enlil struggle to reclaim past glory, while trying to stall an inevitable clash with the God of All Creation (Jesus) who came here to warn us of their lies and deceptions – mankind finds itself caught in the middle with nowhere to run; as it fights the onslaught of corruptalien domination, while Illuminati enforcers carry out their evil will by systematically reducing the human population by ninety percent (United Nations' Agenda 21) through poisoning the Earth's resources viaariel pollution, unnatural GMO crops and deadly pharmaceuticals. Blooded – Nomads finds Steve (ePhfme')(Marduk) the awakened Anunnaki King from the first novel (Blooded – anunnaki rising) fully transformed, with his powers in tact, remembering past trials and tribulations between himself and his arch nemesis – the beautiful seductress, Phoenix (Inanna) as he braces for war; while she maneuvers herself into position using seduction to distract him in a final bid for power to gain ultimate control of the Earth.Lyn Murray writes for you – the reader. A near recluse in her glass villa, that's nestled on a private lake – facing the setting sun, she loves quiet conversation and coffee with her husband, between researching and writing new books. With a rich heritage, and unmatched love for her country, Lyn is a proud Daughter of the American Revolution.

Lyn Murray writes for you, the reader. She is fascinated by anything that has to do with the supernatural, the paranormal. This led her to become the author of Blooded [Anunnaki Rising], but she doesn't want you to confuse this book for just some young adult supernatural thriller with love triangles, vampires, werewolves, zombies, or dystopian societies. Blooded [Anunnaki Rising] blends the supernatural with what is perceived as mythological, historical fiction, [in which there may be more truth than fiction], while leaving readers considering the possibility that her spin on vampires might just be the real truth behind the legend.

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