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Book: The Heir - A Novel by Binger Ray

Book: The Heir - A Novel by Binger Ray

categories: Book, Demon, Psychic, Telekinesis, Namaste, Pentecostal, Demonology, Child Burns, Burn First Aid, Poke Sallet, Steven King, Walking Dead, Californication, Supernatural


Binger Ray

about this book: I feel that all people, both great and small have a curiosity for the paranormal- you know what I mean; ghosts and such. It seems that most religions deal with either a deity of supernatural omnipotence, a spirit that has the ability to possess the worthy and gifted maven, or an unknown and terrible force to answer one's prayers by supernatural means- an Angel or Devil if you will. All in all, even in science, people believe. And its pretty obvious, if one can see past the insistent nature of education dealing with the evolution of living things-and dig deep into out true nature, one can see that we want it that way. We want to believe! Go figure that Physicists above all other scientists insist in the non-existence of a greater power! Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the recent Higg's Boson discovery at C.E.R.N. take on the moniker of being called the "God Particle"? Anyhow, let us walk the walk, so to speak.

The mysterious world of psychic phenomena and spiritual gift make an awesome topic to write fiction about. Psionics, or psychic abilities as we commonly call them, are all backed by lore, legend, tale, and warning. "Don't mess with that stuff", and "if you play with the dark, the dark will make you believe", these are the kind of warnings that my own devout mother, God Rest Her Soul, directed toward me as a child. Well mama, I never did listen very well (Except to the folklore), and now I'm a writer!

After a year of writing, saying a final goodbye to my dear Mother, understanding my own life, mortality, and religion on a greater scale, I bring to you dear reader, my book, The Heir, a novel most exquisite in supernatural whimsy, with just a taste of true Southern style.

The story revolves around a young single mother who is out of work and has to rely on a long buried spiritual gift that she swore she would never use again. There may be a demon or two, and perhaps a ghost-what am I talking about of course there are Demons and Ghosts. Just enough to make my mama cringe and put a grin on my face. Anyhow, dear maven of the spirits, read the book, cop a feel, live as a spectator watching her life unfold before your very eyes. It will only take a few hours. Enjoy!

With My Thanks,
Binger Ray

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