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Book: The Inexplicable Laws of Success - Discover the Hidden Truths that Separate the 'Best' from the 'Rest' (Classic Edition) by Virend Singh

Book: The Inexplicable Laws of Success - Discover the Hidden Truths that Separate the 'Best' from the 'Rest' (Classic Edition) by Virend Singh

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Verusha and Virend Singh

Verusha Singh and Virend Singhabout this book: To live a harmonious life, you must not only abide by the laws of your country, but also by the natural Laws of the Universe. If you transgress, there will be consequences. Your success is inextricably connected with your understanding of the natural Laws of the Universe.

The laws of the Universe are mysterious. They are not as clear-cut as they might seem. They have hidden truths. The Inexplicable Laws of Success uncovers these truths and shows how they engender spectacular accomplishment. Basically, when you discover these truths and apply them correctly, miracles or amazing results occur in your life. They may manifest as suddenly having money when you need it the most, reversing a life threatening disease, attracting love, succeeding in a particular endeavor, or something else that you desire.

The Inexplicable Laws of Success synthesizes and reveals the laws of the Universe in a unique and eloquent way using innovative trademarked concepts. This unusual book is not happenstance or a product of research alone. Not by a long chalk! It is principally the result of deep insights gained through engaging life with passion in a range of areas or disciplines, enjoying noteworthy success and then being "guided" to share those profound insights.

The authors did not consciously plan this book. It was already a reality on the unseen level. We just brought it to life. There is an amazing transformation in human consciousness taking place. Humans poised for the next great leap in consciousness. The authors wish to facilitate that leap.

Our hope is that, after reading The Inexplicable Laws of Success, the reader will have a better perspective on reality and what it takes to be prosperous. And, more importantly, that the reader will apply the principles contained in the book to impact his/her life, and the world at large, in a positive and lasting way.

Although we use the word 'inexplicable' in the title, it is not so much inexplicable as it is difficult for some people to grasp the subtleties of the laws and principles that govern success. Some things are so inconspicuous and under-the-radar that they seem mystifying and unattainable. But, that's not the case. Truth be told, success is attainable by ANYONE.

A fact of life is that 'your life gets better only when you get better'.

The Inexplicable Laws of Success will help you become a 'better you' and thereby enable you to attract more favorable outcomes in life, potentially positioning you in the top 1% of your discipline/genre. Additionally, it can help you help others – children, students, parents, clients, friends, etc. – live more effectively. Imagine how rewarding that would be!

Given that this book is about achieving success through the correct application of the laws of the Universe, the American Native Dream Catcher image is used symbolically as a (spider) web to catch one's dreams for a better life, and the background is intended to capture the essence of the Universe.

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