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Book: How to Win at Quitting Smoking by VJ Sleight

Book: How to Win at Quitting Smoking by VJ Sleight

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VJ Sleight

Author VJ Sleightabout this book: Smokers always want to know "what works?" This book offers lots of different tips about quitting and more important, how to change from being a smoker who can't quit to becoming a successful smoke-free person.

I am a former smoker who found it easy to quit but really hard to stay quit. I would quit fro several months and then relapse. It seemed like nothing I did would keep me away from my cigarettes. My method to quit was to teach someone else. I figured it I'm helping someone else, it will keep me away from smoking since I didn't want to be a hypocrite. It worked and what's more I discovered my passion.

I went back to school and received a Masters degree in Behavioral Medicine and was trained as a tobacco treatment specialist. So not only do I know what ever cessation counselor will tell you, I can explain from the perspective of a smoker. I know how smokers think and what is important to a smoker. This book evolved from working with smokers for over 20 years.

This book will teach a smoker how to develop the right kind of motivation, one that won't waiver but will last when it's so tempting to have "just one". It will teach you how to break your habit while you are still smoking, so that when you actually do put down your last cigarette, you won't be jonesing when you have your morning coffee, while driving or talking on the phone. You will also learn how to stay quit forever. Staying quit is like walking through a minefield. Even with the best of intentions, it is easy to step on a hidden mine and relapse back to smoking.

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