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Book: Cogwheels - Ten Tales of Steampunk (Ten Tales Fantasy and Horror Stories Book 10) by Rayne Hall

Book: Cogwheels - Ten Tales of Steampunk (Ten Tales Fantasy and Horror Stories Book 10) by Rayne Hall

categories: Book, Short Story Collection, Steampunk Stories, Short Story Anthology, Dark Stories, Fantasy Stories, Steampunk


Rayne Hall

Rayne Hallabout this anthology: This book contains twelve stories instead of ten, and the reason may surprise you - unless you know cats! :-) (Scroll down to find out what happened.)

Here's a list of the fabulous steampunk stories you'll read in this book, available in paperback and Kindle format.

• TOMMY TALES by Bob Brown
Darkness came first, followed by silence and then memories, not all my own.

When your mother has already built a better mousetrap, what does a girl have to build to attract attention?

• HOLE IN THE SKY by Mark Cassell
Wheelchair-bound Attacus chases his automaton as it runs amok and grows.

• GOLD by Kin S. Law
Alchemy is the art of transmuting base leads into gold, but can it change a man?

An ex-slave owner on the losing side of the Civil War comes to Great Britain to start life anew—but old habits die hard.

• THE TOUCH OF LOVE by Day Al-Mohamed - 88
Human love is a strange and fickle thing.

• THE NAGA by Morgan A. Pryce
A Master of Ships without a fleet must protect her people in their half-finished capital on the mighty Chao Phraya.

• MIDNIGHT VISITORS by Kevin O. McLaughlin
Cat against Machine.

• HATCH MATCH AND DESPATCH by Jonathan Broughton
All the fun of the fair where the State pulls the strings.

• THE CLOCKWORK MONK by Liv Rancourt
I had my own reasons for finding Gesualdo, different than the President's but no less profound.

When the airship arrives, a little girl sees too much.

• THE LAST TIGER by Joanne Anderton
In a mechanical future devoid of life, Edward falls in love with the Last Tiger. But her existence comes at a cost.


From The Editor:

Steampunk is a marvellous genre—a blend of historical, fantasy and science fiction, often with elements of romance, horror, humour, mystery and more stirred into the mix.
The Steampunk we know is a modern invention. Its prototype can be found in the works of imaginative 19th century authors like Mary Shelley, Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, but it wasn't until the 1980s and the fiction of K.W. Jeter, Tim Powers, James Blaylock that it acquired its name.

Since then, Steampunk literature has been evolving constantly, like a fabulous machine inspiring variants, experiments and derivatives. Writers of all kinds have used it, tinkered with it, and enriched it with their creative concepts.

Many Steampunk stories explore the relationship between humankind and technology, some delve into social issues, while others toy with the costuming, etiquette and gadgetry of an age that never was but might have been. While the setting is often inspired by 19th century Britain and USA, some Steampunk fiction takes the readers on journeys to other places and times. Subgenres form individual cogwheels in the ever-expanding Steampunk mechanism.

Each story in this anthology reflects a different facet of this intriguing genre, inviting you to share the authors' visions of what Steampunk may mean. Some seek to entertain, some to disturb, others to provoke fresh thinking. Which story conveys the essence of Steampunk best? Which is your personal favourite? Every reader may have different answers.

The authors hail from different parts of the globe, and their cultural backgrounds have shaped their storytelling styles. To preserve the writers' unique voices, I've kept their regional forms of English—American, British etc.—with their vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

In editing this anthology, I've had 'help' from Sulu, a young black kitty who takes a keen interest in my work. He likes to sit between my arms on the desk, typing when I do. Contributors were surprised to receive emails such as, "I like your story a lot, anrrrrrrrrrt78888888888888888888."

At the planning stage, I compiled a list of published Steampunk stories I'd enjoyed, with a view to approaching some of the authors for reprint permission. Sulu studied the list intently.

"Sorry, Sulu," I joked. "No cat stories." Then I went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

When I returned, Sulu had highlighted a story (how did he do that?!) I laughed so much that I spilled my tea all over the desk, because that story's title was... 'The Last Tiger'.

Amused, I contacted the author, but it appeared the story was not available, so I went ahead without it. I'd already selected ten fine Steampunk yarns when the author told me I could have 'The Last Tiger' after all.

I was about to reply, "Sorry, too late", but Sulu sat on my hands, blocking me from typing. "Mrripp!" he said, which I think means "get that story!"

Then another cat story arrived: 'Midnight Visitors'. Sulu purred ecstatically when I told him that this tale featured a brave feline heroine. Clearly, he felt that this was another must-have. But I already had ten stories for the 'Ten Tales' book. What now?
Perhaps I should have been firm and shooed Sulu off the keyboard... but he looked so cute! I melted and gave in. That's why this 'Ten Tales' book contains twelve stories: the regular ten and two bonus stories with cats.

I wonder what Sulu will want next – maybe an anthology 'Catnip: Ten Tales of Kitties'?
Enjoy the yarns.

Rayne Hall



• "I am a huge fan of steampunk - there is just something so appealing about the combination of syfy and historical fiction. And Cogwheels, a 10 story collection, did not disapoint. There is something for everyone in this book. The stories go from dark, to comical, to romantic, to WTH did I just read." — Bebea Boney

• "This anthology features tales that are varied in both concept and execution. Some are funny, some are heartbreaking, all are interesting and well written. This would serve as a great introduction to steampunk." — Denise Esse

• "Each story had a different tone, setting and it was a great variety to read. Something for everyone :)" — Erica MEsser

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