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Book: The 90 Day Transition Secret - from employee to entrepreneur millionaire by Larry Mcintire

Book: The 90 Day Transition Secret - from employee to entrepreneur millionaire by Larry Mcintire

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Larry Mcintire

about this book: These days more than ever, being an employee, if you are lucky enough to be able to find a job, is tough. Businesses demand more time and effort than ever from their workers. Employees are more stressed than in years past because good jobs are hard to find and even harder to keep.

If you identify with being stressed with your status as an employee and want to make that leap in the higher level of living as a millionaire entrepreneur.. then this guide is for you.

I understand where you are coming from. Even better, I understand where you are going. I have made the transition from being an employee for many years, into being a successful online entrepreneur.
My goal with this guide is to prepare you mentally for the leap you are either about to make, or are making already, and share the wisdom I have learned along the way.

The first half of the book uncovers some of the fears, beliefs, habits, and conditioning that have been holding you back from choosing the life of an entrepreneur. Though you may have already jumped into starting your own business, I encourage you to go through Chapters 1 through 8 nonetheless.
I explore getting through the fear barriers holding us all back, even when we have a successful business but have not reached our potential, as well as some of the habits we need to adopt, and ones we all need to get rid of, in order to reach our full potential. I explain some of the penalties I paid for having the wrong attitude, or being fearful of making decisions, of not having enough faith, and of dealing with doubters all around me. Learning from mistakes others make - me in this case - will help you on your own road through these barriers.

The second half of the book in Chapters 9 - 16 offer practical insights on how to select a business that is right for you, and how to turn it into a source of major wealth. The insights from these chapters will keep you on target, and directed towards your own business (or businesses) faster than almost any other method I know of. One of the challenges for anyone starting a business, but especially for someone going into online business, is that there is too much information coming from too many angles. I cut through that for you and point you in the right direction for saving your money, and making the best use of your most precious resource - time.

I have run both brick and mortar businesses and online businesses, but this guide shows you the basics of starting an online business. Increasingly, online and brick and mortar businesses are blending together. As I talk about in the later chapters, you are quite likely to create many businesses along your route to entrepreneurial success. One or more of those businesses may have a building or storefront, but they will all have an internet presence.

By the time you finish reading this guide, I guarantee you will know at least these critical factors for your business venture:
1. The type of business you will be successful with;
2. The type of people you will be happiest dealing with in business;
3. A simple 3 step format for creating your business in less than 60 days (probably less than 30 days), and getting it to significant profitability within 90 days;
4. How to scale your business to turn it into a multi-million dollar wealth creator for you;
5. How to ensure you stay on track through the whole process, both personally and in your business, and;
6. The next step after you have achieved your dream of being a millionaire entrepreneur - and why giving back is critical to your next phase of achievement.

All of this and more awaits you in this guide.

Your best days are straight you become the next online millionaire entrepreneur!

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