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Book: The Seed of Christ/Buddha Within You - The Path of Becoming Your True Self by Simon Kim & Susanna Eun

Book: The Seed of Christ/Buddha Within You - The Path of Becoming Your True Self by Simon Kim & Susanna Eun

categories: Book, Awakening, Self-Help, Higher Self, Absolute Truth, Higher Awareness, Christ, Buddha, Spirituality


Susanna Eun

about this book: I've always wanted to know why there is so much pain and suffering regardless how much money, fame, or how many BFFs one has. Most of us identify ourselves with our physical bodies, minds, and other personal information. We laugh and cry in our endless dramas and stories at one level; we deal with a nagging sense of fear at a deeper level. Somehow, life is designed in a way that forces us to judge ourselves and others in such a critical way that very few, I mean really few, can say "I like myself a lot."

That bothered me a great deal. I had to find reasons why this deep-seated human suffering never ends. In short, I was suffering from not knowing the reasons of suffering. I turned to spiritual quest and meditation in earnest, yet I couldn't find any satisfactory answers for a very long time.

A few years ago, I found a brilliant teaching offered by a Korean spiritual teacher who defies any pre-conceived description of a spiritual guru: he is a well-established attorney, highly respected in international patent law practice, super-productive and successful, a dedicated family man, and he doesn't practice yoga or meditation daily. Furthermore, he doesn't talk about unconditional love that fills up most of current spiritual literature. Nevertheless, his teaching surpassed anything I had ever learned, studied, practiced. His approach is direct and simple: know yourself first, and the rest will resolve itself.

After absorbing his teachings, I was liberated. For the first time, I was able to see why pain and suffering cannot stop in this world. I also was able to see that my personal self is only a small aspect of my entire being which enjoys a brief journey on this planet. Joy, freedom, and peace enveloped me; I finally realized we all live inside a grand illusion of dreams without knowing our true identities. I thought if only we all know what we truly are, we do not need to suffer, no matter what.

That's why I decided to rewrite a book originally written by this incredible teacher. It took two years of writing, and another year to make it into a book format. I can honestly say that I did not write this book to display my literary skills or to be an author. I just knew that I had to write it. A lot happened with synchronicity: the title popped up in my head one morning from nowhere, a long-lost friend showed up to share her insights on writing/publishing, an artist from Germany who designed the bookcover was accidentally found, and many others.

My most sincere wish is that this book will reach enough people so that we can all evolve to higher beings─ our original identities, so that we can effectively dismantle highly neurotic, restrictive, limiting, fear-producing, overly competitive, and insane realities. After all, we were all born not to suffer or achieve, but to create and enjoy.

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