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Book: A Time of Change - The Shift in Consciousness (An Elias Book) by David Tate

Book: A Time of Change - The Shift in Consciousness (An Elias Book) by David Tate

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David Tate

Author David Tateabout this book: Who is Elias? Elias is a spirit, essence personality who is no longer living and who now speaks through a woman named Mary Ennis.

My name is David. I had my very first conversation with Elias on July 3,1997 (session #189). Little did I know that the conversation that day would lead me on a journey of self discovery a journey unlike any I could have possibly imagined.

We all are searching for the "truth." Some of us have found it in religion, others in science. It doesn't really matter how or where you find your truth, but when you do, it's like discovering a language that speaks to you in such a way that it is as if you have found "home." What I was hearing in Elias' words was my very own language that somehow, and for whatever reason, I had forgotten. I found my truth, my home. My next challenge however, was to remember all that I have forgotten. Within that process, I am now coming face to face with who I really am.

To date, the information offered by Elias covers every topic imaginable. I have attempted in this first book, therefore, to offer the reader a condensed version of some of the topics that Elias has spoken about – questions asked and answers given – that pertain to experiences in our everyday lives. Topics that inspire us to ask, "Who am I? What about God? What is our purpose? Why is there so much suffering?" and much more.

Elias has introduced many ideas and concepts since he first began speaking to us. Some of these are perennial – they have been around for millennia – and some are quite innovative, or what Elias calls "boat-rocking." Some may be acceptable to you, others may be more challenging.

The information that Elias delivers shines a brilliant light onto these age-old questions that have previously been answered by others we call "teachers of enlightenment." Elias, therefore, offers us more of what we already know.

For now, within the action of this shift in consciousness, the veils that have been separating us from the full knowledge of ourselves are beginning to thin, allowing us to remember all that we truly are.

Our reality, according to Elias, is in a present state of a major change, an action that Elias refers to as a 'Shift in Consciousness.'

Another door is about to be opened. Are you ready to walk through?
Amazon Kindle review By Steph.

'A Time of Change' The Shift In Consciousness is a great collection of material for both the seasoned Elias reader, or just those with a tingle or itch to look at what might be beyond the surface of our reality and world.

Elias' style is unpretentious and fun, and is bound to trigger all sorts of inner knowings and trust in the self. Especially perfect for those who no longer believe, or no longer WANT to believe, in any kind of "spiritual guru" or other authority outside of the self.

I find this book to be incredibly empowering, in also explaining how we have choice as our deepest principle, and that we do not need to incorporate doom and gloom into our experience! I have found it particularly helpful in identifying my deepest beliefs, and allowing myself to question things I believe if I no longer feel they're in my best interest or enjoyment.

Simply put, this book is well-organised, exciting to read and delightfully eye-opening. Clear chapter topics and in-depth material. Bound to contain something of interest to anyone!

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