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Book: Ryonna's Trials - Novella 1 (Universe in Flames Book 20) by Christian Kallias

Book: Ryonna's Trials - Novella 1 (Universe in Flames Book 20) by Christian Kallias

categories: Book, Action, Battles, Aliens, Thriller, Nano Technology, Bounty Hunter, High Tech, Prison, Fighting, Swords, Lightsaber, Space Opera

Christian Kallias

Author Christian Kalliasabout this book: Ryonna's Trials is a novella in the Universe in Flames ongoing saga. It focuses on the Ryonna's character, which is a fan's favorite character. She is introduced in the first book Earth - Last Sanctuary and features in every books since.

The events of this book occur in between book 1 (Earth - Last Sanctuary) & book 2 (Fury to the Stars). It follows Ryonna on her mission to go rescue her son Ronan from the Hellstar prison, one of the most high security and unescapable prison in the universe. Because she knows she won't just be able to escape Hellstar once she finds a way to get sentenced there, Ryonna goes through many trials in order to acquire all the necessary information and technological edge she can use in order to make this near-suicidal mission a success. In doing so she'll uncover shadows from her past and open wounds she thought were closed.

The book is fast paced, loaded with many action and battle scenes and a plot that doesn't let go of the reader. The more Ryonna gets into the thick of thing, the most layers of truth uncover, threatening not only her life and her mission but her sanity as well.

Fans of the previous books will be right at home with the pacing and action in this book. While having read the other books in the series will do for a more pleasant experience, this Novella can stand on its own. The reader might just not all the details and references from other books. I therefore recommend reading them for a full blown experience.

As with previous books I've designed the cover of Ryonna's Trials on my own. I wanted a change in visuals compared to the novels which mostly feature large fleet military battles. This one is more personal, with Ryonna (in full armor) featured on it.

Ryonna is a very fun character for me to write. She's one of my favorite in fact. She has qualities from very strong characters in other SciFi series, like Worf in Star Trek, Ronon in Stargate Atlantis, but also has a very Jack Bauer personality from 24. If you like any of these characters, chances are you'll appreciate Ryonna quite a lot. She is a tough lady, no bullshit type that will do anything she deems necessary to reach her goals in accordance with her own strong sense of honor.

I hope you'll enjoy reading Ryonna's Trials. Don't hesitate to give me feedback either by email (inside every one of my books), Twitter or Facebook. I also suggest you take a look at my website for more information and register to my newsletter so you can receive the latest up to date info about all my books, including the new Fantasy series called The Kyrian Chronicles that I release one chapter at a time bi-monthly on the website.

Thank you for reading my books and for your support.

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