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Book: The World of Your Soul Book One by Olga Corner

Book: The World of Your Soul Book One by Olga Corner

categories: Book, Labyrinth, Wild Rose Forgiveness, Archetypes, Blueprint Work, Inner Child, Dreamtime, Shame, Guilt, Absolute Matrix, Ancestors, Quantum, Nonlocal, Personal Shadow, Carl Jung, Astrology, Numerology, Integration, Subconscious, Unconscious, Archaic, Magic, Mythic, Mental, Soul


Olga Corner

Author Olga Cornerabout this book: The book, The World of Your Soul involves The Blueprint Work (unpacking that which surrounds the layers of our soul) and Your Blueprint, which involves a chart construction that interprets the blueprint of your subconscious. It is therefore particularly about freeing the trapped, wedged, lodged and invisible inner child from the trigger areas of the subconscious and its severe wounded ego so that the matrix of 'children should be seen and not heard' can fall away. We thereby manifest through great freedom of Beingness. We especially free our sometimes overwhelming suffering and hypnosis of a closed mind and tight heart. We eventually sing our own song and we come to understand the true nature of the Ugly Duckling within, which is an archetype that teaches us that the chaos of shame, guilt and humiliation is merely the stage of a process, as a science and art, which ascertains our unique self in both the physical and quantum domains. It is not an archetype that teaches us to dislike ourselves, which we currently believe to be a truth. As a result, when we don't define ourselves by our mishaps, there will therefore be greater ease when it comes to the transformation of shame, guilt and humiliation into a tapestry that becomes our cloak of protection and discovery of our unique self – no longer an embarrassed idealized fallen ego self. This is the main aim of The Blueprint Work, a discovery of our unique self via the three aforementioned emotional states and The Wild Rose forgiveness process. The Wild Rose forgiveness process teaches us that we are not really resentful and bitter, instead we are engaging with The Wild Rose at the center of our Beingness, which manifests in the form of wailing/dancing prayers of the soul that appears as resentment and bitterness of the mind. The Wild Rose reflects the inner child and the more we are in touch with it, the greater its freedom from the trigger areas of the subconscious. Once the inner child is consequently set free, we are a lot lighter and we are playful. Yet as a result of the nature of the wounded ego, the inner child plays in trapped roles of abuse, molestation, misunderstandings, lack of manifestation…while we just don't get our relationships with most things, right. With the various processes of The World of Your Soul book, we eventually free the inner child from the trapped states of the subconscious so that it can play with great conscious awareness – we attract a satisfying career, business partnership, a relationship and so on.

When we work deeply with The Wild Rose process and other information in this book, the wounds of the ego slowly subside. We return to a relationship with the Divine ego – an aspect of our higher self; and thus greater ease of entry into The Absolute Matrix (the fundamental core of all of life and through whom we are as cosmic beings). The three emotional states, shame, guilt and humiliation are no longer a burden – we will have become grand students to the Ugly Duckling archetype – we learn to love ourselves.

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