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Book: The Sirens of Rhine by Kaylynne Spauls

Book: The Sirens of Rhine by Kaylynne Spauls

categories: Book, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Slaves, Mythology, Sirens


Kaylynne Spauls

Author Kaylynne Spaulsabout this book: "We were the creatures desired throughout the ages… Foolish humans didn't even realize it, living in their own little world"

Set in the world of mythology, The Sirens of Rhine was easily transferred into a story based heavily on Human Trafficking. The difference is, in this world no one is interested in paying for humans. It's the creatures of myth and legend that are sold around the world. The Trades inadvertently affect the rarest and most power beings that walk the earth. The Sirens aren't even aware of each other, or of the connections that bind them.

The story is about being imprisoned one way or another. I became fascinated by Sirens on a school trip to Germany, when we visited the River Rhine. What began as a story involving the river has evolved into a parallel universe, where Greek Mythology is now the dominant religion.

The hardships and the trials all these woman face are horrible, and have all been inspired by my life. I don't pretend to understand the depths of the heart ache and sacrifice these girls have gone through, but the scenes were written from true heart ache and pain. I was able to let myself go in this story, and the dark colors of my past came forward. Everything from loosing loved ones, betrayal, abuse and sexual assault are found on these pages.

While writing the story, I researched the modern day slave trades, and have worked with the campaigns "End It" and "Not for Sale". I have become very passionate about ending the disgusting acts of slavery in the world today, and feel a sense of accomplishment each time my characters manage to get closer to bringing down the ones found within my stories.

It's been difficult not to get too carried away. I work hard to ensure each character has a voice of their own, and that all the stories eventually intersect. I change my mind daily about which is my favorite character. I think the most difficult part of writing for them is the doubt I have at times. I'll write 10,000 words in a day and keep 500. I search the story for the best parts and the rest is thrown into a file at the back of my laptop until I feel it can be improved upon or simply forgotten.

My sister In-Law, Sadie Spauls, and my beautiful cover models brought these characters to life in a way that still leaves me in awe. Sadie photographed the girls while I handled the make-up and special effects. It's difficult creating a picture of the most beautiful women in the world, when everyone has their own views on beauty. You will never truly see a cover models face, though they are all heart-breakingly gorgeous. I never want to over explain anything, in either my writing or my covers. I leave a lot of room for readers to fill in the blanks and imagine things as they see fit.

A message to my readers is simple. I love these characters as if they were real, and I only hope to invoke some kind of emotion in you. If you hate the bad guys so much you could cry, or cheer for the good guys till your throat is sore, even if you find the main characters annoying and you simply want to strangle them, I've done my job. I've made you care one way or another. The day I started this story I asked myself 'what do I want to read?' and as a result, The Sirens of Rhine was formed.

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