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Book: SINKHOLE - Disaster strikes a small town in England, where the ground gives way to sinkholes, burying the people alive. by Wendy Reakes

Book: SINKHOLE - Disaster strikes a small town in England, where the ground gives way to sinkholes, burying the people alive. by Wendy Reakes

categories: Book, Contempary, Jules Verne, Underground, Survival, Disaster, Sinkhole

Wendy Reakes

Author Wendy Reakesabout this book: Sinkholes in the UK? Yes, they're happening now.

Frankly, the idea came to me when I heard the news of Jeff Bush falling down a sinkhole in his bedroom in Tampa. When they still hadn't recovered his body and I saw a picture on the internet of a digger filling in the hole only a week later I was horrified. What if he was alive down there? Or if he was dead, were they seriously not going to recover the body? There began my story of sinkholes opening up in a little town in South West England.

You probably know most of Florida is built on the highly porous limestone. Well, so is the county of Somerset in the UK, and after the floods we've been suffering, I think sinkholes are just waiting to happen. We've already witnessed six in the month of February and suddenly everyone in the UK now know what a sinkhole is, when they once mostly unheard of.

So, I started thinking...What if my characters survive down there? It's plausible, right? If their fall is cushioned by a lagoon at the bottom of the shaft, also very feasible, they could survive it. And what about the debris that falls down there with them? Could they survive for a time if they had basic provisions? And what about the ones left behind, above ground? Are they happy to fill in the holes and walk away, or do they attempt a rescue to recover the bodies of the people who they assume are now dead?

Well, that's what the book is about, a group of survivors who team together to survive the consequences of falling through several sinkholes in a little town called Saxonville.

Likened to a contemporary Jules Verne novel, Sinkhole will delight, shock and surprise, as the reader is taken on a journey underground, to witness how one survives in a cavern with just a bed, a pharmacy and a blue Mondeo.

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